Gynecology and obstetrics are two specialties that focus on the health of women

Gynecology and obstetrics are two medical specialties that focus on the health of Atlanta, GA area women. And though the two terms are often used simultaneously, they actually refer to two different types of care. Below, we’ll cover the differences between gynecology and obstetrics and discuss the services each provides.

Gynecology and obstetrics Atlanta

Q. What is the difference between gynecology and obstetrics?

A. Gynecology and obstetrics refer to two different specialties. Gynecology focuses on the health of women’s reproductive organs, or women’s overall health. Obstetrics is the care of women who are pregnant or who have recently given birth. To add to the confusion, some women may see an OBGYN for their care, which is a doctor that specializes in both gynecology and obstetrics.

Q. What kind of care does a gynecologist provide?

A. Since gynecology and obstetrics are two different specialties, it makes sense they can provide different types of care. A gynecologist will often see patients for their annual well-woman checkups or if a patient is having trouble or pain. They can also provide birth control management, fertility counseling, and STD testing. Many gynecologists can also perform procedures such as inserting IUDs, mastectomies, and more.

Q. What care does an obstetrician provide?

A. ON the other side of our gynecology and obstetrics questions is the obstetrics. Women who are expecting will see an obstetrician regularly for checkups during their pregnancy. They will also deliver the baby for the new parents. Following the birth of the child, the mother will see the obstetrician a few times to make sure they are healing and feeling okay.

Q. How often should I see my doctor?

A. You obviously won’t see a gynecology and obstetrics doctor every day. But, you should be sure to make an appointment when you need one. In addition to going to your annual checkup, you should also visit your gynecologist is you are experiencing pain or have a concern.

Make an appointment with your obstetrician when you find our you’re expecting. You should also visit them if you have concerns or a problem while pregnant and shortly thereafter.

Gynecology and obstetrics in Atlanta and Alpharetta, GA

Atlanta and Alpharetta, GA women have many options when it comes gynecology and obstetrics physicians. Consider making your appointment with the team at Georgia OBGYN. Our staff is dedicated to providing quality care to our patients, and is able to provide a variety of different services. To learn more about the team at Georgia OBGYN, or to make your appointment, contact us today.


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Your OBGYN plays a big role in your health, and your life

Women’s OBGYN in Atlanta, GA play a big part in keeping area women healthy, during all of life’s stages. Since these physicians are trained both in gynecology and obstetrics, if you find the right women’s OBGYN for you, they can provide care throughout your entire life. Below, we discuss some of the types of cares OBGYNs provide at each stage of life, but keep in mind, it’s not an exhaustive list.

Atlanta OBGYN

Care at every age

One service your women’s OBGYN will provide, no matter your age, is your annual checkup. Often call a well women exam, these appointments are important and play a big role in the early detection of illness and disease in women. During these exams your OBGYN will check your vitals, perform a breast exam, and may do a Pap smear and pelvic exam. This is also your time to discuss any concerns you have with your doctor.

Teen and Younger years care

Many women aren’t sure at what age they, or th4eir daughter, should start seeing an OBGYN for routine care. It is recommended that women start having Pap smears by age 21, but should start seeing a women’s OBGYN as a teenage or when they become sexually active.

At this age, your OBGYN will perform a routine examination, which usually won’t include a pelvic exam or Pap smear until 21. They can also discuss birth control options for sexually active women, perform STD and STI testing, and answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Care in the middle years

As women age, the needs of their women’s OBGYN begin to change. As you get older you may turn to your OBGYN for fertility treatments, family planning and even birth control counseling. When you start your family, your women’s OBGYN will care for you and your baby through checkups, testing, and finally, delivery. Depending on family history, you may also begin to get regular mammograms in your 40s.

Care in your later years

Your women’s OBGYN can also provide care to older women. Your OBGYN can help you navigate the rocky terrain of menopause. You may also continue to get mammograms as directed by your doctor.

Women’s OBGYN in Atlanta, GA

Atlanta, GA area women who are looking for the perfect women’s OBGYN for them should start their search at Georgia OBGYN. Our team is able to provide a variety of services in office and has access to the surgical rooms at nearby Northside Hospital, allowing them to provide the care you need, when you need it. Contact our office today to learn more, or to make an appointment.


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Women’s specialists provide a variety of services to area women

Women’s specialists in Atlanta and Alpharetta, GA focus on keeping women healthy. Though women have a primary physician they see growing up and for common illnesses like colds and the flu, it’s also important women visit a women’s specialist regularly.

Women's obstetrics and gynecology

Why? Because they focus on keeping women’s reproductive organs healthy. This included critical tests to make sure women are healthy and provide early detection of diseases. Below, we cover three important tests women’s specialists provide their patients.

  1. Mammograms. A mammogram is an important test that checks for breast cancer. Not every woman needs to have a regular mammogram. Many women have the choice to start having annual mammograms between the ages of 40 and 44, but all should start to have regular tests starting at 45. Once women turn 55, they may be given the option to start having a mammogram every two years instead of every year. If you have a family history of breast cancer, your women’s specialists may talk to you about beginning this important test at a younger age.
  2. Pap Smears. A Pap smear is an important test done to check for signs of pelvic cancer in women. Women’s specialists perform this test by taking samples of the cells from a woman’s cervix. Most women begin having this test done at age 21, but you and your doctor will determine what age works for you based on your history and your family’s history. They’ll also determine how often you need a Pap smear. Many women have one every three years until you turn 65, when you can stop.
  3. Pelvic exams. Women’s specialists will perform a pelvic exam at your annual visits. These are often done in conjunction with a Pap smear and contain four parts. Your women’s specialists will do a visual exam of the outside of your vagina to look for abnormalities, they will then do an internal visual exam using a speculum to see inside. Often, a Pap smear is done followed by your physician inserting two fingers into your vagina while palpating your abdomen which helps them check for abnormal growths.

Women’s specialists in Atlanta and Alpharetta, GA

Atlanta and Alpharetta, GA women know the importance of regular visits to women’s specialists. If it’s been a while since your last appointment, or since you’ve had a regular test, contact Georgia Obstetrics and Gynecology. Our team provides a variety of services to keep our patients healthy. Contact our office today to learn more about our physicians or to schedule your appointment.


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Annual exams play an important role in keeping women healthy

Women’s health encompasses many services in Atlanta, GA. It entails reproductive health and even sexual health. A well woman exam, or an annual visit to a women’s specialist, plays an important role in women’s healthy by providing early detection of diseases. Below, we cover important facts you should know about well woman exams.

Women's Specialist

Q. What is a wellness exam?
A. A wellness exam is often referred to as a physical and is a yearly check of your health. Most people have physicals during school and as they grow with a general practitioner. However, when it comes to women’s health, having a yearly appointment with their OBGYN or gynecologist is important as they focus on the health of women’s reproductive organs.

Q. What will happen at my appointment?
A. When you go in for your women’s health exam, your physician will start by checking your vitals including your weight, blood pressure, and temperature. Next, they will perform a breast exam to check for lumps or soreness. This helps provide early detection of breast cancer. Next, your doctor will perform a pelvic exam to check for lumps or abnormalities.
Depending on your history and age, your doctor may also perform a Pap smear. This test is important to women’s health as it checks for signs of cervical cancer. At the end of your appointment, your doctor will take time to discuss any questions or concerns you have. Depending on your situation, your doctor may also use this appointment to counsel on birth control options or perform STD or STI testing.

Q. When should I start seeing a women’s health physician?
A. Women’s health is important at every age, but, girls don’t need to start seeing a women’s health specialist while they are too young. On average, it’s recommended girls start having annual women’s health visits around 15 or 16 years old, or when they become sexually active. Girls usually won’t need to start having Pap smears or pelvic exams until they are 21. However, every woman is different and you and your doctor will determine what care you need based on your history and your family’s medical history.

Women’s health in Atlanta, GA
Atlanta, GA area women who have been putting off a well woman exam, should make an appointment today. Women’s health is important, and regular visits provide early detection of problems, leaving you with better outcomes. To schedule your wellness exam, contact the team at Georgia OBGYN. Our staff has been a part of the community for over 30 years and takes great pride in providing our patients with quality care. Contact us to get started today.


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Dr. Julie Zimmermann, obstetrician from Georgia Obstetrics and Gynecology in Atlanta and Alpharetta Georgia was nominated as one of America’s Best Physicians in their 2019 directory. This nomination is only presented to doctors who demonstrate exceptional experience, commitment to excellence and excellent credentials. The award means that Dr. Zimmermann is among the most respected and successful professionals in the country.

“It is an honor to be nominated again. Thank you to the doctors who nominated me,” Said Dr. Zimmermann.

The “America’s Best  Physicians” honor is issued by the National Consumer Advisory Board. Doctors are selected by other healthcare providers, high online reviews, have over 4 years of experience, and averaged over 3 times the continuing education of other doctors.

Dr. Zimmermann is an OBGYN at Georgia Obstetrics and Gynecology with offices near Northside Hospital in Atlanta, along with another office in Alpharetta Georgia. Georgia OBGYN treats women of all ages and is a  division of Atlanta Women’s Health Group. You can book an appointment and learn more about Dr. Julie Zimmerman here at


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Pregnancy can be an exciting, and scary, time for women

Obstetrician in Atlanta and Alpharetta is physician that provides care to Atlanta and Alpharetta, GA women who are expecting. And while many women enjoy being pregnant and may have very few problems, if any, others aren’t so lucky. For some women even getting pregnant is difficult and may need more care to ensure a healthy, safe pregnancy and delivery.   At Georgia OBGYN, we have expert obstetricians that provide high risk pregnancy care. Discover what the entails and who is at risk.

High risk pregnancy requires extra care, and many women may need it

So, what exactly is a high risk pregnancy? It typically means the mother and baby need more care from their obstetrician than what would normally be needed to make sure the pregnancy is safe and healthy.

There are many factors that indicate extra care from your obstetrician is needed. For example, if the mother has certain health issues like diabetes or uncontrolled asthma, she may be a high risk pregnancy. Other factors that can increase the risk of a high risk pregnancy is advance maternal age, typically when the mother is over the age of 35, being obese, smoking or drinking, and history of medical issues with your reproductive organs.

There are things you can do to help have a healthy pregnancy


If you are a high risk pregnancy, there are things you can do to help ensure a healthy pregnancy. First, be sure to follow the advice of your obstetrician. Come to your appointments when they schedule them and follow their directions. If you have any concerns or questions, be sure to discuss them with your obstetrician. Having an open dialogue is important.

Along with listening to your obstetrician, you can do other things to help ensure you have a healthy pregnancy. Be cautious about gaining weight, your obstetrician can tell you how much you should be gaining and if it’s too much. Eat healthy, keeping a balanced diet can help keep you healthy and keep baby healthy. If you smoke, drink, or do drugs, quit. These habits not only endanger your health, but the health of your baby too.

You should also be proactive. If you have a history of medical issues, have a disease, or are over the age of 35, schedule an appointment with your obstetrician. They can ensure you’re taking the correct steps and are prepared for pregnancy down the road.

Obstetrician in Atlanta and Alpharetta, GA

Atlanta and Alpharetta, GA women who are in need of high risk pregnancy care should contact Georgia OBGYN. Our obstetrician team has experience helping women have a safe pregnancy. To learn more about our services for these special women, contact our office today.


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Obstetrician in Atlanta and Alpharetta, GA

Family planning is an important service provided by many OBGYNs

OBGYN in Atlanta and Alpharetta provides GA patients, and their significant others, with many services, including family planning. Deciding to start a family is a big decision, and will change the parents’ lives. But, it can also be a frustrating and heartbreaking time if you are struggling to get pregnant. Learn when you should seek treatment and how your OBGYN in Alpharetta can help you.

Q. How long should I try to conceive on my own before visiting my OBGYN in Alpharetta?

A. Most people should see an OBGYN in Alpharetta if they have been trying to get pregnant for a year or more. Older parents, or those over 35, may want to visit their OBGYN for fertility testing after six to eight months. If you’re unsure if you should make an appointment, give your OBGYN in Alpharetta a call.

Q. How will my OBGYN help me?

A. Your OBGYN in Alpharetta will provide many services to help you during this time. Family counseling and services work to diagnose your fertility and offer alternatives or help so you can grow your family.

Q. What exactly will happen?

A. When you visit your OBGYN in Alpharetta for fertility care, they will do a few things. First, they’ll perform an examination to make sure there isn’t an underlying illness effecting you. They will also perform some fertility tests. If needed, they may perform a Saline Infusion Sonogram, or a SIS, to help them see your uterus better via an ultrasound which can help them diagnose the problem easier.

Q. What are my options?

A. Depending on what your OBGYN in Alpharetta discovers, they’ll discuss your options with you for growing your family. There will be no one size fits all solutions so it will be up to you, your doctor, and your partner to determine what option will work best for you.

Your OBGYN in Alpharetta can do an intrauterine insemination to help you conceive a child. Other options for you would be using an egg or sperm donor, surrogacy, and of course, adoption. It is important that you and your partner make the right decision for you and your relationship. Fertility problems is a sensitive subject, if you need help, ask your OBGYN in Alpharetta for some resources.

Alpharetta, GA couples who are struggling with fertility should make an appointment at Georgia OBGYN. Our experienced team has been serving the area for over 30 years. We take great pride in helping our patients feel their best and work to develop relationships with them. To schedule an appointment with an OBGYN in Alpharetta, contact us today.

OBGYN in Atlanta and Alpharetta, GA


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There are many things to consider when choosing an OBGYN

OBGYN near Northside Hospital offers Atlanta, GA women a unique benefit. When it comes to choosing an OBGYN for your care, there are many things you must take into consideration. For example, whether or not they accept your insurance, if they are near your home, and if you feel comfortable with the potential physician. But, one thing you may not think about when choosing an OBGYN, but probably should, is where they perform their surgical procedures.

OBGYNs are able to perform surgical procedures, and often must to keep their patients healthy. Whether it be a caesarean birth, tying tubes, or performing a hysterectomy, you want to be sure the surgery will be performed in a safe place that you feel comfortable with.

There are many benefits to using an OBGYN near Northside Hospital

The team at Georgia Obstetrics and Gynecology is an OBGYN near Northside Hospital. Our staff has surgical access to their facilities. This offers you two important benefits when it comes to your care.

closest obstetrician to Northside Hospital in Atlanta
  1. Since we are an OBGYN near Northside Hospital, you can easily get all your care in one place. Whether you need a mammogram or some other test, you can start with your OBGYN and easily go to Northside Hospital for the rest, allowing you to receive all your care in the same place.
  2. The second benefit of using an OBGYN near Northside Hospital is that you’ll have familiarity with the hospital. Surgeries and deliveries are stressful events. Having them done at a facility you’re familiar with and with a doctor you know and trust can help make this time a little less stressful for you and your family.

Take time to find the right OBGYN for you

As discussed earlier, there are many things to take into consideration when choosing an OBGYN. If you need help finding a potential provider, ask family and friends, even your general physician for recommendations. Then, take time to research them and make sure they share your values and you are comfortable with them, their facility, and the facility they use to perform surgeries.

OBGYN near Northside Hospital in Atlanta, GA

Atlanta, GA area women have many choices when it comes finding the best OBGYN. But, using one that is close to a surgical facility offers many benefits. The OBGYN near Northside Hospital is Georgia OBGYN. Our team of experts have access to Northside Hospital’s surgical facilities, allowing you to receive all your care in one place, while also providing you a sense of familiarity if you have to have a procedure. Contact us to schedule a time to meet our staff or to come in for an appointment.


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Women’s specialists entail two different areas

Women’s obstetrics and gynecology are two healthcare specialties that focus on keeping Atlanta and Alpharetta, GA women healthy. As women age and experience different milestones in life, it becomes increasing important that they visit these specialists regularly and to address female specific health concerns. But, what exactly do these specialists do? We’ll cover that, and more, below.

The difference between obstetrics and gynecology

Women’s obstetrics and gynecology entail two different subsets of women’s health. An obstetrician, who specializes in obstetrics, focuses on provide care to women who are pregnant or have recently given birth. They are the ones you’ll visit for regular appointments throughout pregnancy, who will perform ultrasounds, and ultimately deliver the baby. They’ll also check in on Mom after birth to make sure you are healing and not experiencing any complications.

Gynecology, on the other hand, focuses on the health of women’s reproductive organs. This encompasses a lot of different types of care specific to women. These physicians will handle your wellness visits, provide birth control management, STD and STI testing, and more. They can also perform procedures needed to keep you healthy like hysterectomies or D&Cs.

There is a third type of physician that straddles these two worlds. Women’s obstetrics and gynecology comes together in an OBGYN. These physicians are trained in both areas, women’s obstetrics and gynecology and are able to provide care to you for every stage of life.

Should I look for a gynecologist or OBGYN

When it comes to women’s obstetrics and gynecology, you can tell which type of physician you should see for what type of health issue or life event. But, is it better to see a gynecology or an OBGYN? The answer: it depends on your personal preference.

There are pros and cons to seeing both, you’ll just need to find a doctor that meets your needs and you are comfortable with. OBYNs can provide almost all of your care themselves, allowing you to form a level of familiarity. However, having two different doctors for women’s obstetrics and gynecology isn’t a bad thing if you have two physicians you like and feel comfortable with.

Women’s obstetrics and gynecology in Atlanta and Alpharetta, GA

Atlanta and Alpharetta, GA women know the importance of seeing women’s specialists throughout their lives. Women’s obstetrics and gynecology, though focusing in two different areas, both work to keep women healthy. If you’re looking for a new provider, or haven’t yet visited a women’s physician, contact the team at Georgia Obstetrics and Gynecology. We’ve been serving women in the area for over 30 years and are able to provide a wide variety of services to keep our patients healthy. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule your appointment.��ٰ_


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Endometriosis impacts women throughout Georgia and the United States

Gynecologist in Atlanta and Alpharetta, GA specialize in keeping women healthy and treating diseases and health concerns concerning women’s reproductive organs. This includes treating problems such as endometriosis, which occurs when the tissue that lines your utureous grows outside of it, in patients. Per the Endometriosis Foundation, an estimated one in 10 women suffer from endometriosis. Your gynecologist will play an important role in diagnosing and treating this disease.

Endometriosis has many symptoms, some severe

Gynecologist in Atlanta

When it comes to diagnosing endometriosis, your gynecologist will need to hear about your symptoms. This helps them diagnose the disease while also determining next steps. Many women who have this issue report experiencing severe pain during their period. While some discomfort, and even pain, is common for women who are on their period, those with endometriosis experience severe pain which will impact their ability to perform life’s daily needs.

You should also tell your gynecologist if you experience bleeding between periods, heavy menstrual cycles, pain during sex, and even pain while urinating. Other symptoms you should be sure to tell your gynecologist include fatigue, bloating, and even nausea.

Your gynecologist will perform tests to diagnose endometriosis

If your gynecologist suspects you may have endometriosis, they will confirm through a variety of tests. First, they’ll perform a pelvic exam which allows them to feel if the lining is outside the uterus. They may also do an ultrasound to look closer. MRIs and even in some cases, laparoscopy, can be used to diagnose endometriosis.

Once diagnosed, your gynecologist will determine a course of treatment for you. They will take many things into consideration such as whether or not you want kids in the future, your age, the severity of your symptoms, and more. Some patients find relief through pain medication or hormone therapy. Others may require stronger treatment such as a hysterectomy.

Gynecologist in Atlanta and Alpharetta, GA

Atlanta and Alpharetta, GA based physicians at Georgia OBGYN are able to diagnose and treat endometriosis in patients. Our gynecologist and OBGYN team are able to provide in office care, perform diagnostic procedures, and discuss treatments with patients. Our staff also has surgical privileges at Northside Hospital in Atlanta in which they can perform hysterectomies or other surgical procedures required to treat endometriosis.

If you experience severe pain during your period, excessive bleeding, or have other health concerns, be sure to contact the team at Georgia OBGYN. Our gynecologist team is happy to help. 


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