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Flu shots: What you need to know

Flu season can leave people feeling sick for days, even weeks Flu shots are one way Atlanta and Alpharetta, GA residents work to prevent the flu during each flu season. As the weather turns cold, flu bugs and colds, among other illnesses, start to make their rounds....

OBGYN near Atlanta Northside Hospital

Having access to a medical facility is important when looking for an OBGYN OBGYN near Atlanta Northside Hospital is an important thing Atlanta and Alpharetta, GA women look for when searching for a women’s health professional. The OBGYNs are Georgia Obstetrics and...

Gynecology Q&A for Atlanta, GA women

Finding a gynecologist can be a daunting task Gynecology physicians provide specialized care to women in Atlanta, GA. But, finding the right one can be difficult. And, some people may not know what they do or when they should begin to have regular visits to one....