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Gynecologists provide valuable services to keep women healthygynecologist in Atlanta 30342

Gynecologist in Atlanta 30342 provide valuable healthcare services that keep women healthy. This medical specialty involves caring for women’s reproductive organs. But, when you should schedule an appointment at the closest gynecologist in Atlanta 30342, and what are the benefits of vising one instead of just seeing your general practioner? We’ll answer this, and more, below.

 Q. When should I make an appointment with my gynecologist?

A. Women make appointments with their gynecologist in Atlanta 30342 for many reasons. One of the most common reasons, however, is for an annual checkup, often referred to as a well woman exam. You should also visit your gynecologist if you notice changes in your menstrual cycle, experience increased pain during your period, notice potential signs of breast cancer, have birth control questions, and more. Any issue that arises and effects your reproductive system should trigger you to schedule an appointment with your gynecologist.

Q. What are the benefits of going to a gynecologist?

A. There are many benefits to visiting a gynecologist in Atlanta 30342 as opposed to a general practitioner when it comes to issues with your reproductive health. First, these doctors are specially trained in women’s health and can provide more in-depth services and exams. Second, they perform different tests at your visits than a general physician does. For example, at your well woman exam, your gynecologist in Atlanta 30342 will perform a breast exam and pelvic exam. Your general physician typically will not unless you ask.

Q. Is there anything gynecologists can’t do for women?

A. There are three types of doctors that provide care to women, gynecologists, obstetricians and OBGYNs. An obstetrician provides care to women who are pregnant or who have recently given birth, they do not offer general care for women. A gynecologist does the reverse, they provide care for women throughout their life, but will refer you to an obstetrician or OBGYN if you become pregnant. An OBGYN is a doctor that specializes in both areas of women’s care.

Q. How can I start my search for a gynecologist?

A. When you start your search for a gynecologist in Atlanta 30342, ask for recommendations from doctors, family, and even friends. You should also check with your insurance carrier to make sure any doctor you choose is in their network.

Gynecologist in Atlanta, GA 30342

Atlanta, GA women may seek care for a gynecologist in Atlanta 30342 for many reasons. If you haven’t had an annual visit or are struggling with issues related to your reproductive and sexual health, be sure to contact Georgia OBGYN and schedule an appointment today.


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