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Your yearly visit to the gynecologists can be stressfulGynecology in Atlanta

Gynecology refers to the care of Atlanta’ GA area women, focusing on the health of their reproductive organs and system. A gynecological exam is something women need to get each year, as they play a critical role in keeping women healthy. But, what services does gynecology include and what should you expect on your first visit? We answer these questions, and more, below.

Gynecology focuses on keeping women healthy

Gynecology focuses on keeping women, specifically their reproductive organs, healthy. This entails a variety of different services. One of the most common reasons women go to a gynecology appointment is for an annual exam, which is aimed to prevent diseases and provide early detection of some diseases. However, that’s not the only service a gynecologist provides.

You may go to an appointment for fertility counseling, birth control needs, and even STD and STI testing. If you experience any change in your periods or experience pain during sex, you should also make an appointment.

What to expect on your first visit

When you go to a gynecology appointment, you will be discussing very personal issues and your doctor will be looking at personal areas. That can make appointments, especially first appointments, stressful for many patients. However, knowing what to expect can help ease some of this trepidation.

First, avoid douching or using any products to clean your vagina. They typically aren’t necessary, but can impact test results. You also shouldn’t use a tampon in the few days leading up to your appointment. If you’re on your period, contact your physician. They will either reschedule or tell you to go ahead and come in.

Your appointment will begin like most any other appointment, with the doctor checking your vitals and weight. Once that is done, you’ll be given a gown and sheet and the physician will leave the room while you undress. Put on the gown and use the sheet to cover yourself to help keep you comfortable.

Then, the gynecology exam will begin. Your doctor will do a breast exam to check for lumps or signs of breast cancer. Depending on your age and medical history, the doctor may also do a Pap Smear and pelvic exam.

Once the exam is complete, feel free to bring up any questions or concerns you have. You’ll then be able to get dressed and return to your day.

Gynecology in Atlanta, GA

Atlanta, GA women who haven’t had a gynecology appointment in a while should contact Georgia Obstetrics and Gynecology. Our staff works hard to keep you healthy and can provide a variety of services, including in office and surgical procedures, to address any health needs you have. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.


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