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OBGYNs play an important role in keeping women healthy

Atlanta women’s OBGYN play an important role in keeping Atlanta, GA area women healthy. Though most people visit a doctor regularly as young kids, girls need to start seeing another type of doctor regularly: an OBGYN. Learn what they do, why regular visits are important, and how to find the best OBGYN for you.

Q. What exactly does an OBGYN do?


A. Atlanta women’s OBGYN are trained in two areas that are specific to women’s health. These areas are obstetrics and gynecology. An obstetrician provides care to women who are pregnant or who have recently given birth, while a gynecologist specializes in keeping women’s reproductive organs healthy. An Atlanta women’s OBGYN has the benefit of being able to provide both these types of care, allowing patients to keep the same doctor for all their women’s health needs.

Q. Why would I need to make an appointment with my Atlanta women’s OBGYN?

A. There are many reasons to see your Atlanta women’s OBGYN. Women should visit an OBGYN annually for a wellness, or well woman, check. These checks play an important role in the early detection of diseases like breast cancer. You may also visit your Atlanta women’s OBGYN for birth control services, fertility counseling, STD and STI testing, vaccinations, or if you have health concerns.

Q. When should I start seeing an Atlanta women’s OBGYN?

A. This depends on the person. Most people start seeing an Atlanta women’s OBGYN in their teens years or when they start having their period. However, it’s good rule of thumb to start visiting your OBGYN when you become sexually active.

Q. How can I find an OBGYN near me?

A. There are many ways you can start your search for an Atlanta women’s OBGYN. You can, of course, do an online search for an Atlanta women’s OBGYN. But, this may lead to a daunting list of options.

You can also ask for recommendations for a good OBGYN. Ask family and friends, if you feel comfortable, who they see and if they like them. You can also ask your general practitioner for suggestions of OBGYNs to consider.

Lastly, ask your insurance provider what Atlanta women’s OBGYN physicians are in their network. They should be able to provide a list of physicians that can help you get started in your search.

Atlanta women’s OBGYN in Atlanta, GA

Atlanta, GA area women who are looking for an OBGYN should contact Georgia OBGYN. Our team of Atlanta women’s OBGYN takes pride in providing quality care to patients and have the ability to provide a wide variety of services women need to stay healthy. Contact our office today to schedule your appointment.


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