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Finding the best OBGYN in Atlanta can be a daunting taskBest OBGYN in Atlanta

Best OBGYN in Atlanta isn’t always the easiest task for Atlanta, GA women. A simple online search alone can bring up a huge number of potential physicians. But, many area women aren’t sure how to narrow down their search, or know what to even look for when choosing the best OBGYN in Atlanta. Below, we give you the top three things to look for during your search for the best OBGYN in Atlanta.

  1. Are they in your insurance carrier’s network?

If you have medical insurance and plan to use that when you visit your OBGYN, you’ll want to be sure you select an OBGYN that is in their network. Seeing an out of network provider can cause you to pay for services 100 percent out of pocket. To confirm if a doctor is in your physician’s network, contact your insurance carrier. They will be able to confirm, and can usually provide a list of physicians and clinics in their network coverage area to aid you in your search.

  1. Are they qualified to be your doctor?

This may seem like a given, but when searching for the best OBGYN in Atlanta, looking at their qualifications is important. You want to be sure they are properly licensed. Look to see if they do any continuing education or are members of any type of medical board. See where they did their residency and how long they’ve been in practice. Another thing to note is whether or not they move around a lot. Once you find the best OBGYN in Atlanta, you want to make sure they’ll stay in the area for years to come.

  1. Are you comfortable with them, their staff, and their facility?

Another important thing to look at when searching for the best OBGYN in Atlanta is whether or not you are comfortable with them. You not only need to be comfortable with your doctor, but their staff and office as well. You’ll likely discuss sensitive issues with your OBGYN at some point, so having a doctor you feel comfortable discussing your concerns with is important. If you don’t feel comfortable or feel you and your potential doctor don’t have the same values, keep looking. They won’t be the best OBGYN in Atlanta for you.

Best OBGYN in Atlanta and Alpharetta, GA

Atlanta, GA area women who are searching for the best OBGYN in Atlanta should meet the team at Georgia OBGYN. Our team has been part of the area for over 30 years and takes great pride in providing quality care to our patients and developing lasting relationships with them. Contact our office to learn more, or to schedule an appointment.


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