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OBGYNs provide care to Atlanta and Alpharetta area women during all of life’s stageshow often should I go to my Atlanta OBGYN

How often should I go to my Atlanta OBGYN is a common question for Atlanta, GA area women. Though women know they should visit an OBGYN, they may not know why they should visit one. Since OBGYNs provide care to women from their teen years to their elder year, women will need to make regular visits to their doctor to keep them as healthy as possible.

Annual, well woman visits provide early diagnosis

When it comes to wondering how often I should go to my Atlanta OBGYN, the easiest answer is at least once a year for your annual visit. These regular checkups are often called well woman visits and are key to keeping women healthy, and providing early detection of potential illnesses or diseases.

At these visits, your OBGYN will start by taking your vitals including your height, weight, and blood pressure. They’ll perform a breast exam to check for lumps or signs of breast cancer, as well as other tests such as a Pap Smear and pelvic exam. Before you leave, your OBGYN should also take time to ask if you have any questions or concerns you’d like to discuss in regards to your sexual health and reproductive health. This is a good time to bring up things like birth control questions or concerns or concerns with STDs and STIs.

Your OBGYN provides many other services as well

Though annual exams with your doctor are important, they aren’t the only reason you should schedule a visit to your OBGYN. The more accurate answer to the question of how often should I go to my Atlanta OBGYN is, as often as you need their services.

If you experience changes in your body with your body, such as a change in your menstrual cycle or severe pain in your abdomen, be sure to schedule an appointment. Your doctor provides many services to keep you healthy.

In addition to addressing emergency concerns, your OBGYN can also perform STD and STI testing, provide birth control counseling, family planning services, and more. When it comes to wondering how often should I go to my Atlanta OBGYN, the answer is as often as you need their help.

How often should I go to my Atlanta OBGYN in Atlanta, GA?

Atlanta, GA area women may often wonder, how often should I go to my Atlanta OBGYN? While a visit every year is important, you should go whenever you have a concern they can address. If it’s been a while since you’ve had a check in, or if you have a concern you’d like a doctor to address, contact Georgia OBGYN to schedule an appointment today.


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