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OBGYNs provide women a variety of services

OBGYN near Northside Hospital in Atlanta, GA

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OBGYN near Northside Hospital offers Atlanta, GA women a variety of services and benefits. Georgia Obstetrics and Gynecology has access to perform a variety of surgical procedures at Northside Hospital. This not only helps ensure you get the care you need, but keeps all the services you require close together. 

The OBGYNs at Georgia OBGYN offer a variety of services that benefit from our proximity to Northside Hospital. Our staff performs vaginal and cesarean births, hysterectomies, and ablations. When you choose an OBGYN near Northside Hospital such as Georgia OBGYN also offers another key service for women in the Atlanta area. Mammograms. 

Mammograms don’t need done regularly until later in life

Mammograms are an important part of women’s health care. Though women will have regular breast exams when they visit their OBGYNs for their well woman checkups, most don’t need to start having mammograms until age 50, though some doctors recommend starting at age 40. However, if you have a family history of breast cancer or have other risk factors, you may have a mammogram before reaching that age. 

One of the benefits of seeing an OBGYN near Northside Hospital is that you can get to the mammogram center easily as it’s right in the same building. This makes it easy to get to your regular appointment and get your tests in the same visit. 

You won’t need a mammogram every year from 50 on, unless you are at increased risk of developing breast cancer. Per the American Cancer Society, once women have their mammogram at age 55, they can switch to having them every other year. 

Mammograms help detect breast cancer

So, why is it so important to have regular mammograms? This test helps detect breast cancer. By getting regular screenings, if you do have an issue, your doctor will be able to detect it early. As with any disease or illness, early detection is important. 

Knowing what to expect can help prepare you for the procedure

When you visit an OBGYN near Northside Hospital, they can help prepare you for your mammogram. For this procedure, your breast is compressed between two plate and images are taken looking at denseness and more. 

Prior to having your mammogram, there are a few things you should do to prepare. First, don’t apply deodorant prior to the test. If you’ve experienced soreness after a previous mammogram, consider taking an over the counter pain reliever beforehand. Lastly, if you haven’t yet gone through menopause, don’t schedule the mammogram during your period as your breasts are often tender this time. 

OBGYN near Northside Hospital in Atlanta, GA

Atlanta, GA residents who are looking for an OBGYN near Northside Hospital should consider the team at Georgia Obstetrics and Gynecology. With access to Northside Hospitals’ surgical area, we provide our patients with quality care in all facets. Contact us to learn more, or to schedule your first appointment.


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