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Finding the best OBGYN near you is important

Women’s OBGYN is an important person in Atlanta and Alpharetta, GA women’s lives. But, finding an OBGYN near you and that you feel comfortable with is no small task. Below, we give you five steps to help you get started in your search and narrow down your potential women’s OBGYN prospects.

Women’s OBGYN
  • Do an online search for an OBGYN near me

One of the easiest and fastest ways to start your search for a women’s OBGYN is via an online search. This method may bring up a lot of results for you, which you’ll need to take to narrow down.

  • Contact your insurance carrier

If you plan to use insurance to help pay for your women’s OBGYN visits and other healthcare needs, it’s important that you find a doctor that is in your insurance provider’s network. You may be able to find a list of potential OBGYNs on their website, or you can ask for a list of providers by calling the insurance carrier directly.

  • Ask for recommendations

Once you have a list of potential women’s OBGYN physicians, you’ll need to narrow down your list. One way to that is to ask for recommendations. Your general practitioner may be able to recommend some doctors they know or have worked with, or can provide guidance to help you find the best women’s OBGYN for you. If you feel comfortable, you can also ask family and friends for recommendations. If they have a doctor they really like, or don’t like, that can help you find a place to start or can help you narrow down your list.

  • Do your research

It’s important to research your potential OBGYN. Take some time to read about them, see where they got their degree and if they are members of any medical boards. This also helps you determine how long they’ve been practicing and what services they provide.

  • Schedule a time to meet and see the facility

When you’ve narrowed down your list and think you know what women’s OBGYN will be your new doctor, meet them. It’s important you feel comfortable with your new physician, their staff, and their facility. If you feel uncomfortable at the appointment, they probably aren’t the best OBGYN for you.

Women’s OBGYN in Atlanta and Alpharetta, GA

Atlanta and Alpharetta, GA women know the important role a women’s OBGYN plays in their health. If you’re looking for a new OBGYN, consider meeting the staff at Georgia OBGYN. Our professional team provides quality care with a compassionate heart. Contact us to make your appointment today.


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