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Women visit obstetricians during an exciting time in their lives

Reasons to visit an Atlanta obstetrician include when Atlanta, GA area women are expecting. Having a baby is an exciting time in your life, but, it can also be a little scary. First time mothers don’t always know what to expect and even experienced parents can tell you not every pregnancy is the same.

An obstetrician is there to help. This specialized doctor works to keep you and your baby, or babies, healthy throughout your pregnancy, the delivery, and after. So, what are the reasons to visit an Atlanta obstetrician? To make sure you have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby.

You’ll visit your obstetrician multiple times throughout your pregnancy

Reasons to visit an Atlanta obstetrician during your pregnancy include for checkups and testing. You’ll visit your doctor for regular checkups throughout your pregnancy. Though you won’t go every week in the beginning, the frequency of your visits will increase the closer you get to your delivery date.

At the majority of your checkups your obstetrician will start by taking your vitals such as your weight, checking your blood pressure, and temperature. They’ll then do a check on the baby, whether it be by a vaginal ultrasound or one over your stomach.

At certain times throughout your pregnancy, your reasons to visit an Atlanta obstetrician will be for testing. Genetic testing can be done as needed as can tests to check the sex of your baby. You may have to undergo testing such as gestational diabetes tests as well.

Other reasons to visit an Atlanta obstetrician if you have any concerns or questions. You’ll have time to discuss concerns with your doctor at each visit, but if you feel something weird or have a something come up between visits, don’t hesitate to contact your doctor and schedule an appointment.

Your health is important too

After you have the baby, you’ll still have reasons to visit an Atlanta obstetrician. Though obstetricians specialize in the care of women when they are expecting, they’ll also have a few follow up appointments with you to ensure you’re healing properly and address any issues that have come up or questions about things you are experiencing.

Reasons to visit an Atlanta obstetrician in the Atlanta and Alpharetta, GA area

Atlanta, GA area women who are expecting have many reasons to visit an Atlanta obstetrician. Mainly, a healthy pregnancy and birth of the baby. If you’re looking for an obstetrician in the Atlanta and Alpharetta area, contact the team at Georgia OBGYN. We’ve served the community for over 30 years and take provide in providing quality care to our patients. Contact our office to learn more about us or to schedule your appointment.


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