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5 things to do to improve women’s health in Atlanta and Alpharetta, GA

5 things to do to improve women’s health in Atlanta and Alpharetta, GA

A new year often means new goals

Women’s health is at the top of many Atlanta and Alpharetta, GA women’s list of resolutions. In this day and age, it is deemed important to take care of one’s health to live a long and lasting quality life to spend with your loved ones. If your resolution this year is to focus on wellness and live a happier, healthier life, consider adding these five habits to your routine.

5 simple habits that help improve women’s health

  1. Start eating mindfully. Women often equate women’s health with weight. This can lead to years of dieting and fluctuating weight. Often, these diets are sustainable long term. Instead, eat mindfully. Take time to fully engage with your food. This creates healthy habits such as thinking about your food in a healthy way and slowing down when you eat your meals.
  2. Make sure you get your zzzs. Getting the proper amount of sleep can go a long way in improving women’s health. It is recommended that adults get between seven and eight hours of sleep each night. Getting your sleep in can help you stay focused each day and give you more energy to get through your daily activities.
  3. Get moving. Make part of your women’s health journey this year finding an activity you enjoy. Working in an activity such as walking, dancing, even hiking, can help keep your body in shape and even help clear your mind. Endorphins from exercise can boost your mood. Staying active can also give you more energy and some time to yourself every day.
  4. Unplug for a while. Today, people always have electronics on hand. Whether it is phones, electronic readers, or even the GPS in your car. But, being online 24 hours a day has its drawbacks. This year, take some time to unplug at least once a week and read a book, enjoy dinner with friends, or simply take a walk.
  5. Go to your annual doctor appointments. A major part of women’s health is physical health. Make sure you attend your annual wellness visits this year. This includes your scheduled dental appointments, eye appointments, and, of course, your well woman appointment. Be sure to contact your insurance company to see how they cover these visits so you can budget accordingly as well.

Women’s health in Atlanta and Alpharetta, GA

Atlanta and Alpharetta, GA women have many goals they set for the new year. If your goals have a focus on women’s health, think of easy, simple things you can do to improve your health over the year. Your doctor at Georgia OBGYN can discuss your goals with you and help you accomplish them or help you set realistic ones. Contact Georgia OBGYN so you could start as soon as possible.

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