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Words from our patients

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    "Dr. Ayres recently did my hysterectomy outpatient at a surgery center. Very easy recovery- I was back to work in a few days."

    Hanna W.
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    "I had the pleasure today of becoming a new patient of Dr. Leader's. I have never left a doctor's appointment feeling more satisfied or cared for in my life."

    Kendra H.
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    "Dr Blackburn/Pasteur was great from insertion of contraceptives years ago to now supporting me through family planning.. she is kind, patient and knowledgeable..."

    Cassandra C.
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    "I cannot say enough good things about this practice, and about Dr. Harper in particular. He shows his patients so much kindness, compassion and professionalism."

    Carly M.
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    "Dr. White is the best ObGyn I've ever seen. She's extremely informative, and she made me feel as comfortable as possible for what my procedure entailed."

    Arielle E.
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    "Dr. Vinson isn’t much short of being perfect. She is thorough and patient! Very kind, non judge mental and an excellent doctor."

    Dominique L.