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Atlanta women’s OBGYN provides family planning services

Atlanta women’s OBGYN provides family planning services

OBGYNs helps with family planning

Atlanta women’s OBGYN work with Atlanta, GA women to help them plan their families. While this is a personal decision between women and their partners, their Atlanta women’s OBGYN play an important role in helping women realize their family dreams. Discover how these physicians help with this important life decision.

OBGYNs provide birth control management to prevent unwanted pregnancies

One way Atlanta women’s OBGYN help women with their family planning goals is by providing birth control management. If a woman doesn’t want kids right now, or doesn’t want kids at all, that is a family plan. Birth control helps prevent unwanted and unplanned pregnancies.

Your Atlanta women’s OBGYN will work with you to determine what type of birth control will work best for you, such as oral contraception, shots, or an IUD. They’ll choose the best type for you based on your preferences, your health. History, and whether or not you may want kids in the near future. Then, they’ll provide the checkups needed to ensure you are doing okay on the birth control and provide the exams needed to refill it.

Fertility counseling can help women achieve their parenting dreams

For women who want children, but are struggling to conceive, your Atlanta womens OBGYN can help with that too. You doctor will discuss your concerns with you and perform an evaluation to look for underlying causes that may be preventing you from getting pregnant. Following their examination, your OBGYN will present your options to you.

Your Atlanta women’s OBGYN may utilize intrauterine insemination to help women conceive. This involves the physician placing the sperm inside a women’s uterus to help facilitate pregnancy. If other options are available and may offer you better results, your OBGYN will discuss those with you as well.

OBGYNs also provide high risk pregnancy care

Your Atlanta womens OBGYN can also provide care to women who are starting families but are considered high risk pregnancies. This often includes women who are over 35 years old, have medical issues such as diabetes, or are obese, among other things. This type of care involves more frequent visits to your doctor to ensure you, and the baby, are healthy. They will also assist you in deciding if expanding your family beyond your new baby is recommended or possible.

Atlanta women’s OBGYN in Atlanta, GA

Atlanta, GA women may see their Atlanta women’s OBGYN for a variety of family planning services. Consider trusting the experts at Georgia OBGYN with your family planning needs. Our team has served the area for over 30 years and takes pride in providing quality care in a friendly environment.

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