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Find best OBGYN for women’s obstetrics and gynecology in Atlanta GA

Find best OBGYN for women’s obstetrics and gynecology in Atlanta GA

Women obstetrics and gynecology as part of their lives

Women’s obstetrics and gynecology provide Alpharetta, GA women with care specific to the needs of women. Though these two specialties focus on different areas of women’s health, they also work together to keep women healthy. We’ll explore the difference between them and the important role they both play in providing care to women.

The difference between them

Though most people have heard of women’s obstetrics and gynecology, they may not know that they are two different specialties. Often, people equate them with the same type of care, which is, women’s care.

However, they actually focus on two different things. Obstetrics is the care of women who are pregnant or who have recently given birth. Gynecology is a specialty that focuses on the health of women’s reproductive organs. But, your gynecologist cannot provide care to you while they are pregnant and your obstetrician will not provide care to you before you are expecting.

Best women’s obstetrics and gynecology in Atlanta and Alpharetta GA

So, how do women’s obstetrics and gynecology work together to keep women healthy? By working in tandem. Women will start to see a gynecologist in their teen years for annual exams. These yearly visits often include pelvic exams, breast exams, and Pap Smears. As women age, these visits become a time to discuss birth control options or for your doctor to answer questions you have regarding your sexual health.

Once women decide to grow their family and become pregnant, possibly with the help of a gynecologist who can treat infertility, they will pass your care to an obstetrician. These are the doctors that will monitor your health and the health of your baby throughout your pregnancy. And, when the times comes, they will deliver your new bundle of joy. Your obstetrician will also care for you for a short while after you give birth to ensure you are recovering and healing properly. Then, they will release you back to the care of your gynecologist.

Some doctors specialize in both

Though women’s obstetrics and gynecology are two different specialties, some physicians specialize in both. These doctors, called OBGYNs, are able to provide both gynecological care and care for expectant mothers, allowing patients to develop a deeper relationship with their doctor.

Women’s obstetrics and gynecology in Alpharetta, GA

Alpharetta, GA women who are looking for women’s obstetrics and gynecology care should contact the staff at Georgia OBGYN. Our physicians are able to provide a variety of care, ranging from wellness exams to high risk pregnancy care, all in a comfortable and safe environment. To learn more about our team, or to schedule an appointment, please contact Georgia OBGYN.

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