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Finding the best gynecologist in Atlanta, GA for your teenager

Finding the best gynecologist in Atlanta, GA for your teenager

Involving your teenager in the choice for their gynecologist is important

Best gynecologist for your Atlanta, GA teenager, may not be the best gynecologist for you. It is recommended girls first visit a gynecologist between the ages of 13 and 15. Though a Pap Smear and other tests won’t be necessary at this age, it does allow your child the chance to ask questions about their body, about sex, and about their period. But, who should you send your daughter to see? We offer tips to help you, and your daughter, find the best gynecologist for them.

First, talk to them about the visit and their preferences

The first step to finding the best gynecologist for your teenager is to start a conversation. Let them know they’ll need to start seeing one and discuss the reasons these visits are important now and in the future. This will lay the groundwork for a lifetime of good habits when it comes to attending annual well woman exams and reaching out to their doctor if they have concerns.

This is also a good time to discuss what the best gynecologist is to them. Ask them if they have a preference between male and female. Do they want to see an older doctor or someone younger? Do they want to see the same doctor you do or would they prefer to see another who is not affiliated with you? Keep in mind, some may prefer to see a physician that is different than the one you see for privacy reasons.

Next start looking for the right match

Once you and your daughter have discussed what the best gynecologist is to her, start looking for them. Get a list of potential providers from your insurance carrier and start to narrow it down. Many providers have bios on their website, allowing you get to know a little bit about them beforehand. Take some time to review them, and their qualifications, and choose the right one.

Regroup after the appointment

After your daughter’s appointment with their chosen best gynecologist, your work isn’t done. Take some time to ask how it went and if they felt comfortable with the doctor. If not, you may want to find someone else for them to see next time until you find one they like.

Best gynecologist in Atlanta, GA

Atlanta, GA parents and daughters have a lot to consider when choosing the best gynecologist for their first visit. If you have questions before the appointment, don’t hesitate to contact your provider’s office. They can help you and your teen know what to expect, making the first appointment more comfortable and putting your minds at ease. Contact your top Alpharetta and Atlanta OBGYN for your obstetrics and gynecology care.

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