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Gynecology for seniors in Atlanta, GA

Gynecology for seniors in Atlanta, GA

Gynecology is a section of medicine that provides care to women in Atlanta, GA and beyond. Most women start seeing a gynecologist or OBGYN during their teen years or early 20s, depending on their sexual activity and family history. But, some women think they can stop going to their OBGYN once they become older. However, that is not the case. We’ll cover why you should continue seeing a gynecology provider, even when you are older.

Navigating menopause

Women start to go through menopause at different ages. And those there is no “cure” for menopause, your gynecology doctor can help you navigate the changes your body goes through during this time. Whether it is managing symptoms or providing you with hormone therapy treatment, your OBGYN can help make this time in your life a little easier.

Pap Smears can stop, but other issues may arise

Most women can stop having Pap Smears once they reach the age of 65, as long as they meet certain criteria. And though it may be tempting to stop gynecology visits at that time since you no longer need that test, there are other issues your doctor will continue to watch you for and help you with.

Some women may start to experience things like vaginal dryness, painful sex, and more. Your gynecology provider can help treat these issues as they are more versed in them than your primary doctor would be.

Breast cancer screenings continue

Part of gynecology is watching women for breast cancer. Because early detection is so important when it comes to successfully treating it, your OBGYN will play an important role in finding it early. Mammograms will continue, for most women, through the age of 75, but breast exams will continue to be important.

But, breast cancer isn’t the only type of cancer your gynecology doctor watches for. They can diagnose cervical cancer, uterine cancer, even vulvar cancer. Have menopausal bleeding? You’ll want to see your gynecology provider. They will do testing to diagnose the cause and get you started on the path to treatment.

Gynecology for seniors in Atlanta, GA

Atlanta, GA senior women still need gynecology care. Though some women may be tempted to stop visiting their gynecologist or OBGYN once they reach their 60s or hit menopause, it is important they continue going. If you are unsure if you need to continue your visits, chat with your doctor. They can offer advice on how often you should still come to visit them and how they can continue to help you.

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