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How often will I see my obstetrician in Atlanta and Alpharetta, GA?

How often will I see my obstetrician in Atlanta and Alpharetta, GA?

Obstetrician visits will be a regular event during pregnancy

Obstetrician visits will happen frequently during Atlanta and Alpharetta, GA women’s pregnancies. These physicians play a key role in ensuring women have a healthy pregnancy and delivery. They are there to answer questions and prepare you for the big day: the day your baby is born.

When women suspect they are pregnant or have taken a test, they aren’t sure when to make an appointment with an obstetrician or how often they should plan to visit them. We break down some important dates during your pregnancy, below.

First trimester

Your first obstetrician appointment will occur around six to eight weeks. This appointment is often referred to as a confirmation visit. During this time, your doctor will perform a pelvic exam and ultrasound. They will also review the medical problems you have and discuss starting a vitamin regiment.

Your next appointment with your obstetrician will be around the 10-week mark. This exam will include a little more. You’ll have a full physical exam, blood tests to determine your blood type, test for unusual antibodies, and more. Genetic carrier screening for certain diseases will be done as well. They will also discuss what you can expect during your pregnancy and the dos and don’ts.

Second trimester

During your second trimester, you will start to see your obstetrician every approximately every four weeks. An ultrasound will be done earlier in the second semester to look for abnormalities and determine the gender of the baby, if you and your partner want to know.

Your obstetrician will also discuss cord blood options with you and test you for gestational diabetes. The Tdap vaccine is also often administered during this time to protect your baby from whopping cough.

Third trimester

During your final weeks of pregnancy, you will visit your obstetrician every two weeks, before transitioning to weekly visits in the final stretch. They will begin checking your cervix with each visit and watching for signs of labor. They also perform a vaginal swap to check for Group B Strep bacteria before the baby is born.

Obstetrician in Atlanta and Alpharetta, GA

Atlanta and Alpharetta, GA women will visit their obstetrician regularly during pregnancy. Not only will you have periodic appointments, but Georgia OBGYN is also the one you should contact if you have any questions or concerns during this time. In addition to monitoring your health, and your baby’s, they can also advise you on what you can do to stay healthy while expecting, what’s normal and what isn’t, and discuss your birth plan options with you. If you are expecting, please don’t hesitate to contact Georgia OBGYN to schedule an appointment.

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