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How to find the top gynecologist in Atlanta, GA

How to find the top gynecologist in Atlanta, GA

Choosing the top gynecologist is a priority for women

Top gynecologist is an important person for Atlanta, GA women to find. Choosing the best physicians is an important task, whether it be a dentist, eye doctor, family doctor, or gynecologist. But, many people may not know how to even start their search or what to look for in a top gynecologist. We offer tips to help you make this important decision.

Make sure your insurance covers them

One of the first things to look for in a top gynecologist is also one of the first ways to start your search. If you plan to use your insurance to pay for some of your care, you’ll want to make sure they are in your insurance carrier’s network. You can do this by first contacting your carrier and requesting a list of providers in your area, then by calling the potential provider’s office, once you’ve narrowed down the list, to confirm they take your insurance.

Look at their credentials

A top gynecologist should have adequate training. Look to see where your potential new doctor was educated, what they specialized in, and if they hold any board certifications. Most website list biographies of providers that includes this information, including where they did their residencies and more.

Check their references

Don’t be afraid to research your potential top gynecologist by looking at patient reviews. You can find these online, or by asking friends and family, or anyone else you know, who uses the same provider. This can give you an idea if they have a good bedside manner and are someone you would feel comfortable with.

Get to know your top gynecologist

You’ll want to make sure you feel comfortable with your new doctor. Don’t hesitate to contact their office and request an appointment. This allows you to meet them and get to know them. If you don’t feel comfortable, continue your search.

Make sure they are affiliated with a hospital you trust

Gynecologists often need access to a hospital to provide all the care they need to. They will need surgical suites to perform surgeries, something that cannot be done in an office. As you look for the top gynecologist for you, look to see what hospital they are affiliated with and make sure it is one you trust.

Top gynecologist in Atlanta, GA

Atlanta, GA women who are searching for the top gynecologist should consider the staff at Georgia Obstetrics and Gynecology. Our team of experts provides quality care in a friendly environment. Plus, as the closest office to Northside Hospital, we also have access to their hospital and surgical suites, a bonus for our patients. Contact Georgia Obstetrics and Gynecology to learn more about our team, or to request an appointment via Telemedicine.

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