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How to prepare for your gynecology visit in Atlanta, GA

Visiting your gynecologist can leave many women feeling stressed

Gynecology is medical field that specializes in keeping women healthy from Atlanta, GA and beyond. These medical physicians do this by focusing specifically on the health of women’s reproductive organs and sexual health. And though visiting this type of doctor is a regular occurrence for women throughout their lives, it can still be a little nerve wracking. After all, gynecology visits entail talking about very personal issues and your doctor looking at private areas.

Knowing what to expect for your visit, as well as tips to help you prepare for your next appointment, can help put your mind at ease.

  1. Find a physician you feel comfortable with. One of the first things to do is find a gynecology physician you feel comfortable with. This means if you’d feel more comfortable with a female doctor, choose one.
  2. Ask what to expect. If it is your first time going to a gynecologist, or your first time with this particular doctor, feel free to inquire about what you can expect at your appointment. The staff should be able to walk you through what they will do and answer any questions you have. Knowing what will happen can help put your mind at ease before your appointment.
  3. Write down questions in the weeks before your appointment. Most gynecology appointments are made well in advance. This can give you time to gather your thoughts before you go in to your appointment. Maybe you have questions about birth control, or want to inquire whether something is normal or not. In the weeks leading up to your gynecology appointment, keep a list of questions. That way you can feel confident you’ll get all your answers at your appointment.
  4. No need to do extra grooming. Many women feel self conscious and before their appointment will make sure to shave and maybe even do some grooming of their pubic hair. There’s no need to stress yourself out before your appointment. Your gynecologist has seen it all and is really focuses on looking for issues and answering your questions.
  5. Find a doctor you can build a relationship with. Making annual visits to your gynecology physician can become a little less stressful if you have the same physician for many years. This allows you to build up a sense of familiarity with them that can make these appointments a little less stressful.

Gynecology in Atlanta, GA

Atlanta, GA women who haven’t been in for a gynecology appointment in a while should contact Georgia OBGYN. Our team provides a variety of services to keep women healthy. Plus, as a fixture in the community for over 30 years, we take time to build relationships with our patients. Contact us today to make an appointment.

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