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Make an appointment with your OBGYN in Atlanta and Alpharetta, GA

Make an appointment with your OBGYN in Atlanta

Breast cancer awareness month is coming to an end

OBGYN in Atlanta and Alpharetta, GA, and beyond, know the importance of regular checks for breast cancer. As October comes to end, so too does our series on breast cancer. But, before we pack away our pink ribbons, here are five takeaways from on breast cancer.

  1. This disease impacts one out of every eight women. This means you likely know at least person who has been diagnosed with breast cancer. Don’t think it’s something you’ll never have to deal with, when in fact, it could and will happen to someone you know.
  1. Early detection is key. The early detection of breast cancer is important to successfully treating it. That’s why it is so important to go to your OBGYN every year for a well women exam. Your OBGYN isn’t just checking for cervical cancer at these screenings, they do a check for breast cancer as well.
  1. Make sure you do self-exams regularly. Though your OBGYN will perform a breast cancer check at your annual exam, it’s important you continue to check your breasts for lumps between your yearly visits. If you are unsure how to perform a breast self exam, ask your OBGYN at your next appointment. They will be able to show you how to do it and answer any questions you have.
  1. Mammograms are important. Though most women won’t start having regular mammograms until they are in their 40s, once the time to have is here, it’s important to get them done as your OBGYN recommend. Since breast tissue is dense, self checks can find some signs, but not all. A mammogram allows doctors to check your breast tissue for any concerns.
  1. Communicate your family history. Breast cancer can often run in families, though that is not the case for everyone diagnosed. However, if your family has a history of the disease, make sure you tell your OBGYN. This will help them decide when to start you having mammograms and, if necessary, they can do genetic testing to check for markers of the disease. If you are unsure if it runs in your family, ask your parent, grandparent, or even aunt.

OBGYN in Atlanta and Alpharetta, GA

Atlanta and Alpharetta, GA women who haven’t been to a well woman appointment should be sure to get on the schedule at your OBGYN. These appointments are not only the first line of defense again breast cancer, they are imperative to keeping women healthy and the early detection of other diseases as well. We hope you’ll consider making an appointment with us, our team of professionals provides quality care in a comfortable environment. Contact us, at Georgia OBGYN, today to schedule your appointment or learn more about our physicians.

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