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OBGYN in Atlanta and Alpharetta GA recommends safe meds during pregnancy

OBGYN in Atlanta and Alpharetta GA

An OBGYN will recommend certain meds during pregnancy

Your OBGYN in Atlanta and Alpharetta GA does not want you taking the same meds that you took before you were pregnant. When you’re pregnant, your OBGYN will inform you that your immune system won’t be operating at its maximum capacity; this can be a good thing because it will keep your growing baby protected and prevents your body from thinking your fetus is an intruder. But this comes with a downside; your body won’t be able o ward off viruses that can cause the common cold as effectively as usual. This will cause your body to become more vulnerable to symptoms such as cough, congested nose, and sore throat.

You can possibly find yourself coming down with a cold now that cold and flu season is here, and while you can be assured that your baby will not be experiencing any symptoms, you may want to get rid of them safely and quickly for yourself. A cold is mostly an uncomfortable annoyance that is best managed by fluids, a little extra rest, and patience; however, you may find that you want to see some cold medications that can help to alleviate your cold symptoms. Your OBGYN will help you to find the proper cold medicines that are safe to use during your pregnancy.

Safe medications during pregnancy for a cold

Before searching through your medicine cabinet, pick up the phone and call your OBGYN to discuss any remedies that you can take for a cold while you’re pregnant. Here are some cold medications that are generally safe during your pregnancy:


Taking acetaminophen medication such as Tylenol can help to reduce body and headaches and break your fever for the short term.

Cough medicine:

You should consult with your OBGYN to determine what the safe dosages are. But, cough suppressants such as Robitussin, expectorants like Mucinex, vapor rubs such as Vicks VapoRub, and cough drops are considered to be safe to use during your pregnancy.

Nasal sprays:

Plain saline sprays and drops are safe and can help you to clear and moisturize your stuffy nose. Most nasal sprays that contain steroids are also safe, but you should always check with your doctor about the dosing and brands.


Claritin and Benadryl are typically safe to use during your pregnancy. But, as usual, consult with your doctor and see if they advise against their use during your first trimester.

Natural remedies

Natural remedies such as nasal irrigations, humidifiers, nasal strips, and elevating your body when sleeping are also options for you to consider. You can also try keeping yourself hydrated with decaffeinated teas such as chamomile or ginger.

Top OBGYN in Atlanta and Alpharetta GA here for you

Communicating with your OBGYN will be critical to determine which medications are safe for you to take and which ones that you should be avoided during your pregnancy. Your OBGYN’s office may have a helpline for you to call between your appointments if you have any concerns or questions.

Contact your top Alpharetta and Atlanta OBGYN for your obstetrics and gynecology care.

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