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OBGYN in Atlanta talks to waiting mothers about the big O: orgasm

Your OBGYN in Atlanta and Alpharetta this week wants to talk about orgasm during pregnancy. It can feel like pregnancy changes everything.

In some ways, it does. You’re skipping your favorite sushi place and reaching for well-done steak instead. The smallest odors seem to have you rushing to the toilet to throw up, and even sitcoms can leave you in an emotional puddle of tears. You’ve asked your OB everything under the sun, from whether you can have beef jerky to if your belly button will become an outie — and why.

But there’s one subject you’re wondering about that you’ve felt a little uncomfortable bringing up: the big O.

So, is it OK to have an orgasm during pregnancy? 

Let’s take a closer look at orgasm safety, sensations in the first, second, and third trimesters, and a big myth about orgasms bringing on labor — debunked. Grab a glass of tea and let’s get started.

Is it ever not safe to have an orgasm during pregnancy?

OBGYNs say, when it comes to sex during pregnancy, there’s a lot that can cause hesitation: You may not feel “in the mood,” thanks to hormones and morning sickness; your partner may worry about “poking the baby” or otherwise hurt you, and you both may have concerns about orgasms and uterine contractions.

Always check with your doctor about whether you, specifically, are OK to have sex. But if your doctor hasn’t told you otherwise, and your pregnancy is low risk, it’s generally completely safe to get it on between the sheets.

However, if you have any of the following, your doctor may indeed tell you to abstain from sexual activity:

Also, don’t have sex if your water has already broken. Amniotic fluid forms a protective barrier between your baby and the outside world — without it, you’re more at risk for infection.

What is pelvic rest?

If your doctor puts you on “pelvic rest” and hasn’t explained what that means, absolutely ask questions. It usually means no vaginal sex because your pregnancy is considered high risk. Since you can achieve orgasm without penetrative sex, it’s worth clarifying what’s off-limits.

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Pregnant and wondering if you could get under the bed sheet or not? We know this is an uncomfortable topic but it’s totally fine to wonder. Call us today to learn more about your pregnancy status, should you need a pelvic rest, or if you are good to go O! Book a consultation with your top Alpharetta and Atlanta OBGYN for your obstetrics and gynecology care.

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