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OBGYN near Northside Hospital in Atlanta, GA performs surgery for women

OBGYN near Northside Hospital in Atlanta, GA performs surgery for women

OBGYN near Northside Hospital offers many benefits to Atlanta, GA women. Many don’t realize it, but OBGYNs perform many types of surgery to keep their patients healthy. At Georgia OBGYN, we are the practice closest to Northside Hospital, which allows our physicians to use their facilities to perform this important part of their job. Below, we cover some of the surgeries your OBGYN may perform.


One of the most common types of surgical care your OBGYN near Northside Hospital does is deliveries. Whether it be a vaginal delivery or a cesarean, you will deliver at Northside Hospital. Though a vaginal delivery typically does not require a long recovery, recovering from a C-section will require some time in the hospital. Your OBGYN will discuss your delivery options with you well in advance of your due date.


Your OBGYN near Northside Hospital can also perform hysterectomies or removing the uterus. There are many reasons women may undergo this procedure. Common reasons include: to treat endometriosis, to battle uterine cancer or fibroids, if a woman has heavy, painful periods. These are just a few reasons your OBGYN may perform this procedure.


Each women’s period is different. Some women have periods that include excessive, heavy bleeding, that can often last longer than usual. This can make it difficult for women to partake in activities during this time and even leave them feeling tired and even cause anemia. If this is something you struggle with, your OBGYN near Northside Hospital may recommend an endometrial ablation, in which they destroy the lining of your uterus. This typically reduces flow and may even stop the period completely.

Ovarian cyst removal

Ovarian cysts are fluid-filled sacs that develop in an ovary or on its surface. While most of the time these dissolve on their own, they can sometimes cause problems for women. They can become painful, and may become cancerous. Should they get large enough, they can even rupture. If there is a concern they may be cancerous, or if they are causing problems, your OBGYN near Northside Hospital may remove them surgically.

Top OBGYN near Northside Hospital in Atlanta, GA

Atlanta, GA women turn to OBGYNs for a variety of care, including surgical procedures. Your OBGYN offers many benefits if this is the case for you. Not only will you be able to have your procedure in a state of the art facility, you’ll also be familiar with the area and your physician will be close by should you need them.

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