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Prenatal care gynecology in Atlanta and Alpharetta GA: signs that you’re pregnant

Prenatal care gynecology in Atlanta and Alpharetta GA: signs that you’re pregnant

Prenatal care gynecologist: what are the signs of pregnancy?

Prenatal care gynecology ultrasounds and pregnancy tests are the only ways to be sure that you are pregnant, you can also look out for symptoms and signs. A missed period is the earliest sign of pregnancy. Other signs may include a sensitivity to smells, morning sickness, and fatigue.

Do all women experience early pregnancy symptoms?

Every woman’s experiences of pregnancy are different. Not every woman will have the same symptoms from one another, you may not even have the same symptoms from one pregnancy to the next.

However, you may not even realize you are pregnant because the early symptoms often are the same that you may experience right before and during menstruation.

What are the early signs of pregnancy?

Here we have listed some of the most common early symptoms of pregnancy. Keep in mind that these symptoms can be caused by other issues besides being pregnant. So, noticing some of these symptoms doesn’t mean you are necessarily pregnant. A pregnancy test will be the only sure way to tell.

Cramping and spotting: A fertilized egg will attach itself to your uterus wall after conception. This may cause spotting and, sometimes, cramping, these are some of the earliest signs of pregnancy. This can happen anywhere from 6 to 12 days after egg fertilization.

Breast changes: Another early sign of pregnancy are breast changes. During conception, your hormone levels will change rapidly. Your breasts may become sore, swollen, or tingly a week or two later because of the changes. They may even feel fuller, heavier, or feel tender to the touch. Your areola may also darken.

Fatigue: Feeling very tired early on is normal during pregnancy. You may start feeling unusually tired as early as one week after conception. This is due to a high level of the hormone progesterone, however, other things such as low blood sugar, low blood pressure, and raise blood production can also cause fatigue.

Nausea or morning sickness: This is a very famous symptom of pregnancy. However, not every woman will experience it when pregnant. Pregnancy hormones are likely the cause of this symptom although the exact cause isn’t known.

Missed period: This is the most obvious pregnancy symptom, this is the one that will prompt most women to have a pregnancy test. However, not all delayed or missed periods are caused by pregnancy. You can also experience some bleeding when pregnant, you should ask your doctor what you need to be aware of with bleeding when you’re pregnant.

Prenatal care gynecology in Atlanta and Alpharetta GA

Prenatal care gynecology experts will explain to you that many of the pregnancy symptoms and body changes that you experience will begin to dissipate when you reach the second trimester. If you have any symptoms that interfere with your day-to-day life you should speak to your doctor.

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