Preparing for delivery with your OBGYN near Northside Hospital in Atlanta, GA

Preparing for delivery with your OBGYN near Northside Hospital in Atlanta, GA

OBGYN near Northside Hospital guides Atlanta, GA women through their pregnancy. This not only includes monitoring the health of the mom and the baby throughout, but also a healthy delivery. But, before you get to this step in your pregnancy, you’ll need to make some decisions about the delivery experience you want. We’ll walk you through some things to consider.

Talk it out

First, it is important that you and your partner discuss the options available to you with your OBGYN near Northside Hospital. They can give you an idea what your options are and answer any question you may have going forward.

Personalize your delivery room

At Georgia OBGYN, we utilize Northside Hospital for our deliveries. Though they pride themselves on creating a homey environment for their patients to give birth in, you may wish to bring in objects with you that remind you of home. Perhaps you have a pillow you want to bring or some photos of other kids or loved ones. If you are unsure if you can bring something, ask your OBGYN near Northside Hospital about any restrictions the hospital may have on what you can bring.

In addition to surrounding yourself with comforting objects, you can also decide they type of lighting and ambience you want. Would you prefer a quiet room or some background music? Rooms are equipped with TVs as well.

Options regarding birth itself

You also have decisions to make about the birth process itself. Chief among them, whether or not you want to use coping mechanisms in the form of medications. Your OBGYN near Northside Hospital can help you make this decision by discussing the pros and cons as well as different scenarios you may encounter.

You will also need to decide on the positions you’d like to try as you give birth. And of, course, the role your partner will play in the delivery room.

Recording the event

Photos and videotapes can help commemorate this exciting event. But, your preferences and the rules of the hospital must be followed. Discuss the documentation you are okay with with your support partner. Your OBGYN near Northside Hospital can advise you on any restrictions in place when it comes to videotaping during delivery.

OBGYN near Northside Hospital in Atlanta, GA

Atlanta, GA women have a lot to decide before they give birth. Your OBGYN can help you prepare for this big event. Be sure you explore your options and give thought to the type of experience you want during this time.

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