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Services offered by Atlanta women’s obstetrics and gynecology doctors

Services offered by Atlanta women’s obstetrics and gynecology doctors

Your OBGYN can do more than you may realize

Women’s obstetricians and gynecologists provide valuable services to women in Atlanta and Alpharetta, GA. Women turn to these professionals for help with women’s issues and during life milestones like pregnancy and menopause.

But, your women’s obstetricians and gynecologists can often provide some service people didn’t realize. Here are three of them.

  1. Women’s obstetricians and gynecologists are able to give certain vaccinations such as pertussis and diphtheria. They can also give flu shots. With flu season in full swing and the spread of the coronavirus, another respiratory illness, getting a flu shot is important. Though it won’t protect you from the coronavirus, it can help prevent serious complications that may require hospitalization, which is important in keeping our healthcare system from becoming overwhelmed. Be sure to contact your women’s obstetrics and gynecology office to make an appointment for your shot.
  2. Mental health screening. Women may not see their primary care physician all that frequently. But, they do see their care provider every year during their well-woman visits. These visits provide women a time to bring up concerns with their healthcare professionals, including issues with depression and anxiety. Obstetricians and OBGYNs also watch for signs of post partem depression following a woman giving birth. Your doctor can either help treat you or they may refer you to a specialist.
  3. STD and STI testing. STDs and STIs impact people across the country. When you’ve been exposed, or are worried you’ve been exposed, getting tested can put your mind at ease or allows your doctor to act fast to treat or manage it. Many times, women aren’t sure who to turn to for these tests. Urgent care? A primary care physician? We can provide help. They can perform testing and chart a course to treatment or create a plan to manage it based on your results. It is important to note, however, that you may need to be tested more than once as some diseases and infections can lie dormant at first.

Women’s obstetricians and gynecologists in Atlanta and Alpharetta, GA

Atlanta and Alpharetta, GA women often have a few different doctors that make up their care teams. While a primary care physician plays an important role in your health, we physicians do too. Georgia OBGYN may even be able to provide the treatment you didn’t realize they could. If you have questions about your health and what type of doctor to see, contact Georgia OBGYN. We are happy to help you find the right doctor for your needs and schedule an appointment if needed.

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