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The best gynecologist in Atlanta and Alpharetta GA: what is an overactive bladder?

The best gynecologist in Atlanta and Alpharetta GA: what is an overactive bladder?

Best gynecologist teaches you about an overactive bladder

The best gynecologist in the Alpharetta and Atlanta GA area describes an overactive bladder, also called an OAB, as a group of urinary symptoms, not a disease. The most common symptom of an OAB is an uncontrolled and sudden urge to urinate. When some people feel this sudden urge, they will leak urine. Another symptom that can arise is the need to pee many times throughout the day and night. Basically, an OAB is the feeling that you have to go to the bathroom too often urgently.

Someone suffering from OAB will have neurological signals sent to the bladder telling the muscles to contract; this is a faulty signal due to the bladder not needing to be emptied. Overactive bladder muscles can also cause OAB to occur when they frequently contract and create the urge to pee.

What causes an overactive bladder?

Urine is produced in the kidneys and then travels to your bladder. Your brain then sends a signal to tell your body that you have to pee. The muscles in your pelvic floor begin to relax, allowing the urine to exit.

OAB causes an involuntary contraction of your bladder muscles. This gives your body the sensation of having to pee frequently.

Factors and conditions that can cause an overactive bladder include:

The risk of developing OAB increases as you age. However, it would be safest if you did not ignore the symptoms of an overactive bladder as they are not a normal part of aging.

What are the symptoms?

You don’t necessarily have an overactive bladder because you are experiencing occasional incontinence. Leaking urine can happen for other reasons, such as laughing too hard. You can also experience a loss of urine after fighting the urge to pee for an extended amount of time.

The urgency and frequency of having to pee are what will determine if you have an overactive bladder. Other symptoms include:

The symptoms of OAB can change and will differ from each person, which can make identifying the issue a challenge without help from a doctor. Knowing these symptoms can help you to quickly find the proper treatment.

The best gynecologist in Atlanta and Alpharetta, GA treatments for an overactive bladder

The best gynecologist can recommend several things that you can do to manage an overactive bladder. What works best will vary for everyone, and you may be required to try one treatment or several treatments together.

You should communicate with your doctor about what you want from your treatment and about the available options; these treatments include prescription medication, nerve stimulation, bladder Botox treatments, and even surgery.

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