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The best OB/GYN in Atlanta and Alpharetta GA: what is a colposcopy?

The best OB/GYN in Atlanta and Alpharetta GA: what is a colposcopy?

The best OB/GYN in Atlanta: what is a colposcopy?

The best OB/GYN in Atlanta may want to perform a colposcopy to monitor any changes in the health of your vagina, cervix, and vulva.

The procedure is a lot like a Pap smear and only takes five to ten minutes. The biggest difference is that a special magnifying instrument that is called a colposcope will be used by the doctor.

If there have been any abnormal results after having a Pap test, your doctor will use colposcopy to further diagnose any problems.

What happens during a colposcopy?

Just as you would for a pelvic exam, your doctor will get you to lie down on an exam table. Then the nurse or doctor will put a speculum into your vagina. After opening the speculum, the walls of your vagina will be separated so your doctor can look at your cervix.

Using a cleaning solution, they will then wash your cervix making it easier to see any cells that are abnormal. Then, using an instrument called a colposcope, a tool that closely resembles a pair of binoculars with a bright light, the doctor will look at your cervix. The colposcope itself will not touch or go inside you.

A biopsy can be performed if the doctor notices something that does not look normal. Meaning that a tiny sample will be taken and sent to a lab.

How to prepare

You should not be putting anything in the vagina, for example, any creams, before your colposcopy appointment.

You should call your doctor to see if you need to reschedule if you are experiencing any heavy vaginal bleeding during your menstrual cycle on the day of your appointment, but a colposcopy can be done at any time during your cycle.

You will also need to notify your doctor in advance if you are taking any medications to prevent blood clots, such as warfarin, aspirin, clopidogrel, or heparin. If you have a biopsy during the colposcopy, these medications can increase the bleeding.

Although many doctors usually don’t perform a biopsy of the cervix while the patient is pregnant, a colposcopy is safe during pregnancy, you should still let your doctor know if you’re pregnant or think that you might be pregnant.

What to expect after your procedure

You will be ready to go home afterward if your colposcopy ended without any biopsy. But, you might experience some spotting for a day or two.

Your recovery, if your doctor performed a biopsy, will depend on whether or not you were given an anesthetic and the type of biopsy that was performed. For a day or two after the biopsy, you may experience some discomfort or pain. You may also need to wear a sanitary pad if you are having any dark discharge or vaginal bleeding.

The best OB/GYN in Atlanta and Alpharetta GA

The best OB/GYN in Atlanta and Alpharetta GA wants you to call the doctor if you are experiencing symptoms after your procedure such as heavy vaginal bleeding, severe pain in your lower stomach, chills or fever, or a bad-smelling odor.

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