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Top obstetrician deliver Atlanta and Alpharetta, GA babies

Top obstetrician deliver Atlanta and Alpharetta, GA babies

A top obstetrician keep women healthy during pregnancy

A top obstetrician is a type of doctor expectant Atlanta and Alpharetta, GA women rely on during pregnancy. These physicians perform regular checks on their patients throughout pregnancy and are the ones that are there to bring the new bundle, or bundles, of joy into the world.

There are two ways women welcome their babies into the world, vaginal birth or via a C-section. We’ll dive into what that means, and why you may need a C-section, below.

Vaginal births

The majority of births are done vaginally. This involves the mother pushing and the baby passing through the birth canal and out the vagina. Some new moms go through this without the assistance of medication, while others prefer to have an epidural to help ease the pain they experience during childbirth. You can discuss your preferences with your obstetrician prior to your due date when you discuss your birth plan.

If you have a vaginal birth, you will need to stay in the hospital for a while after. This gives your obstetrician the chance to make sure you are healing properly afterward. On average, women who have a vaginal delivery stay in the hospital for 36 to 48 hours after delivery.

Caesarian births

The CDC estimates that a little over 30 percent of all births are done via C-section. With this, your obstetrician will surgically deliver the baby via an incision in the mother’s abdomen. You will need time to heal after this type of delivery. Not only will you stay in the hospital under the watchful eye of your obstetrician for a few days after, but you will need to continue to heal and care for your incision for a few weeks after you return home.

There are many reasons your obstetrician may perform a C-section, including:

Some C-section deliveries are planned, while others are performed on an emergency, or as-needed basis. You can discuss this type of delivery with your obstetrician when discussing your birth plan. They can help prepare you for what to expect should you need to deliver your baby this way.

Atlanta and Alpharetta, GA top obstetrician

Atlanta and Alpharetta, GA women who are expecting have a lot to think about and plan for, including giving birth. Your top obstetrician will help you prepare for this important day, while also working to ensure you have as healthy of pregnancy and delivery as possible.

Contact your top Alpharetta and Atlanta OBGYN for your obstetrics and gynecology care.

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