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Top women OBGYN care for high-risk pregnancy in Atlanta GA

Top women OBGYN care for high-risk pregnancy in Atlanta GA

Women’s OBGYN

Women’s OBGYN are health care providers who are specialized in female reproductive health. While obstetrics deals with the care of pregnant women and delivery, gynecology deals with the female reproductive system and complications of the female reproductive system. An obstetrician- Gynecologist is a health care professional that specializes in both gynecology and obstetrics. They are trained surgeons.

OBGYNs provide a wide range of health care services to women at different stages. They are also trained to offer reproductive health counseling. They are there to answer your questions and help you understand better what you need to know about pregnancy, sex, infertility, STIs, STDs, etc.

They also offer obstetrics care for pregnant women with high-risk pregnancies. Most times Nurses and midwives can successfully handle delivery procedures. However, when the pregnancy is a high risk, especially when there is a need for a surgical procedure, the nurses and midwives are not trained to handle such a procedure. The Ob-Gyn is trained to manage such high-risk pregnancies and perform surgical procedures where need be.

The OB-GYNs are trained to perform a variety of procedures such as:

What is a high-risk pregnancy?

Women OBGYNs say that high-risk pregnancy is one that involves complications that could put the mother, baby, or even both at risk. Such pregnancies require special care and management to ensure minimum risk to either the mother or the baby.

Some factors increase the risk of such pregnancies. They include:

Anti-natal is usually recommended to help prepare the mother or both parents for things that arise during pregnancy. Examination at such appointments helps detect if there is any risk associated with the pregnancy. You will also be giving advice on how best to conduct yourself through the pregnancy. Where your pregnancy is considered to be high risk, you will be referred to a perinatologist. A perinatologist is an obstetrician who is specialized in the management of high-risk pregnancies.

Top Atlanta’s women’s OBGYN

Atlanta OBGYN is made up of professionals Book a consultation with your top Alpharetta and Atlanta OBGYN for your obstetrics and gynecology care.

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