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Top women’s specialist in Atlanta and Alpharetta GA: what are fibroids?

Top women’s specialist in Atlanta and Alpharetta GA: what are fibroids?

Top women’s specialist: are fibroids dangerous?

A women’s specialist will explain to their patients that a fibroid is an abnormal growth that can develop on or in the uterus. Patients can experience heavy periods and severe abdominal pain due to these tumors. Also, no symptoms or signs can be seen at all. Typically, these growths can be noncancerous or benign. However, the cause of a fibroid is unknown.

Fibroids can form in many different sizes, from seedlings that are undetectable to the human eye, to big masses that can distort and increase the size of your uterus. There can either be a single fibroid or multiple fibroids. In some cases, multiple fibroids can enlarge the uterus to the point that they will reach the rib cage and add weight.

During their lives, many women will experience fibroids. But because they often don’t cause any symptoms, you may not know you have one. Your doctor may accidentally find a fibroid during a prenatal ultrasound or a pelvic exam.

How are they diagnosed?

Usually, an ultrasound is used to diagnose any fibroids. Fibroids are usually easily seen with ultrasound and are the easiest way to see your uterus. Your doctor may perform an exam where he or she can feel if your uterus is larger than normal and will most likely suspect fibroids. The only way to diagnose a smaller fibroid is often with an ultrasound. To see exactly where the fibroids are located, your doctor may choose to have an MRI of your pelvis.

Can a fibroid affect fertility?

Many pregnant patients can have fibroids and unless they are interfering with your uterus lining, they should not have any negative effects on your fertility. However, if you are not able to get pregnant and you also have fibroids, having your doctor remove the fibroid can increase your chances of pregnancy.

If you have fibroids during your pregnancy, they might prevent your baby from moving into the proper position with the head facing down. In these instances, your baby is most likely to be breached because of the restriction of the baby’s movements to get into position because of the fibroid.

How are fibroids treated?

Usually, you will not need any treatment if you are not experiencing any symptoms while having fibroids. If you are experiencing symptoms, the severity of the symptoms and your condition will determine the recommended treatment.

Noninvasive treatments may be of benefit to you when fibroids are interfering with the quality of your life. You can have relief from minor discomfort from acetaminophen or nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, or NSAIDs.

Women’s specialist in Atlanta and Alpharetta GA

Top women’s specialists in Atlanta and Alpharetta GA can remove as much of the fibroid that they can see, but this also means that a smaller one can be left behind. This will mean that it will have a larger supply of blood and may increase in size because of it.

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