What does an OBGYN do in Atlanta and Alpharetta, GA?

What does an OBGYN do in Atlanta and Alpharetta, GA?

OBGYNs provide a valuable service to women

OBGYN focuses on the reproductive and sexual health of women in Atlanta and Alpharetta, GA. These specialized physicians play an important role in the early detection of diseases and other health concerns. Below, we cover five services your OBGYN provides.

  1. Annual exams. Women should go in to their OBGYN at least once a year for an annual wellness exam, often called a well woman exam. During this checkup, your OBGYN will take your vitals, and perform a pelvic exam as well as a breast exam. Depending on your age and the year, they may also do a Pap Smear. The goal of these exams is to keep women healthy by detecting potential health concerns early.
  2. STD and STI testing. If you are concerned you have been exposed to and possibly contracted an STD or STI, getting tested is the first step. Your OBGYN can perform these tests and, once the results are in, they can formulate a treatment plan. They can also do routine testing to give you peace of mind.
  3. Birth control management. Women go on birth control for many reasons. They may go on it to prevent an unwanted pregnancy, control period symptoms, prevent cysts from reforming, and even to help manage acne. Your OBGYN will help determine the right type of birth control for you based on your needs and your health history.
  4. Infertility counseling. There are few things harder than wanting to expand your baby and not being able to. Your OBGYN can provide infertility counseling to help you and your partner achieve your dream of parenthood. If it’s just not in the cards for you, they can also advise you on your options and direct you to helpful resources for additional support.
  5. Pregnancy and delivery. Your OBGYN is also the person you’ll see if you become pregnant. Throughout your pregnancy you’ll make regular visits to your OBGYN to ensure your health and the health of your baby. Then, when the big day arrives, your OBGYN will be there to deliver your new bundle of joy and ensure you heal properly after.

OBGYN in Atlanta and Alpharetta, GA

Atlanta and Alpharetta, GA women will see an OBGYN many times throughout their lives and for many reasons. Make sure you find one you are comfortable with and that provides care you can trust. Consider making an appointment with an OBGYN at Georgia Obstetrics and Gynecology. Our staff provides quality care in a comfortable environment. Plus, with access to Northside Hospital’s surgical suites, we are able to provide all your care in one place. To learn more about our team, or to make an appointment, contact us today.

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