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What is a women’s specialist in Atlanta, GA?

What is a women’s specialist in Atlanta, GA?

Women need more than just a general practitioner to stay healthy

Women’s specialist plays an important part in keeping Atlanta, GA women healthy. But, what do they do exactly and why do women need them? We’ll answer these questions, and more, below.

Q. What is a women’s specialist?

A women’s specialist is a type of physician that specializes in the health and care of women and their reproductive system. There are three types of doctors that fall into this category: OBGYNs, gynecologists, and obstetricians.

Q. What are the difference between the three types of women’s specialist?

A. Though all women’s specialist physicians have a goal to keep women healthy, they do specialize in different areas. A gynecologist focuses on the health of women’s reproductive system by performing annual exams which include testing for diseases such as breast and pelvic cancer, among other services.

An obstetrician specializes in the care of women who are expecting or who have recently given birth. They care for women throughout pregnancy and deliver the baby. They do not, however, provide general care like a gynecologist would.

OBGYNs are a type of women’s specialist that has training in both gynecology and obstetrics, allowing them to care for women throughout every stage of life.

Q. Why do women need a special type of doctor?

A. Everyone has a primary or family physician they see when they are ill, starting as children. They are the person you turn to, man or woman, if you feel sick, injure yourself, or need a physical for school or work. So, why exactly do women need to see a women’s specialist?

Though family doctors provide a valuable service, they do not have the expertise or specialty training needed to keep women healthy or to care for them throughout pregnancy. Though the two types of doctors can overlap in some areas, a general practitioner does not have the training or time, to perform all the tests and exams women need to stay healthy.

Q. How often should I go to a women’s specialist?

A. The easy answer is every year. The more complicated answer is as often as you need to. Women should see a women’s specialist at least once a year for their annual wellness exam. However, women who experience pain, changes in their menstrual cycle, breast abnormalities, or are concerned about STD and STI exposure should also contact their physician.

Women’s specialist in Atlanta, GA

Atlanta, GA women who haven’t been to a women’s specialist in a while, or ever, should contact Georgia OBGYN. Our team of professionals provides quality care in a comfortable setting. We provide a variety of services to keep women in Atlanta, healthy.

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