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Who is the best Obstetrician to provide pregnancy care in Atlanta and Alpharetta, GA?

Who is the best Obstetrician to provide pregnancy care in Atlanta and Alpharetta, GA?

Expectant mothers should anticipate many visits to an obstetrician throughout their pregnancy

Obstetrician provides Atlanta and Alpharetta, GA mothers with quality care during pregnancy. This specialized type of doctor provides care throughout pregnancy as well as providing care to women who have recently given birth. Regular visits to your obstetrician will be normal and your obstetrician will even be able to deliver the baby when the time comes.

Regular visits check your health and your baby’s health

When you visit an obstetrician, they not only check to make sure the baby is healthy but that you are as well. Your visit will start like most any other doctor’s appointment with the obstetrician checking your vitals. Once they’ve taken your weight, blood pressure, and measured your heartrate, they’ll then move on to checking on the baby. This can be done via an ultrasound, both vaginal and over the stomach. The doctor may also feel around your tummy to check the baby’s position.

Once you are far enough along, your obstetrician will perform certain tests. Genetic testing will check the baby for signs of certain conditions. Glucose tests will also check you for gestational diabetes.

If you are a high risk pregnancy, you’ll visit your doctor a little more frequently

Though most people visit their obstetrician every month, with increasing frequency near the end, women who are considered high risk pregnancies will need to visit a little more often. Women with high risk pregnancies may also be put on restrictions to ensure they and the baby are healthy and safe.

You may be at risk for a high risk pregnancy if you meet certain criteria. Women over the age of 35 or with certain health conditions, like diabetes, are considered high risk and will be watched more closely by their obstetrician. Overweight or obese women are often at increased risk of high blood pressure or developing other issues, so they are often listed as high risk as well.

Your obstetrician will deliver the baby

Once it’s time for your new bundle of joy to enter the world, your obstetrician will be there too. Whether you have a vaginal birth or a C-section, you obstetrician will be trained to deliver, giving you a friendly face during a stressful time.

Obstetrician in Atlanta and Alpharetta, Ga

Atlanta and Alpharetta, GA women who are expecting and searching for an obstetrician should contact Georgia Obstetrics and Gynecology. Our staff provides quality care, in a comfortable environment. To learn more about our physicians and the services we offer, contact our office today.

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