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Women’s clinic in Atlanta and Alpharetta GA for your annual mammograms

Women’s clinic in Atlanta and Alpharetta GA for your annual mammograms

Women’s clinic is here to perform your mammogram in Atlanta and Alpharetta GA. This is an important procedure that has to be done after you cross a certain age bracket. Although many women fear this procedure may be painful, it is only due to the lack of education surrounding it. In reality, this procedure is perfectly safe and doesn’t even require an incision. We will dive into more detail below surrounding this procedure in order to better guide you about it.

What is a mammogram

In simple terms, a mammogram is basically an X-Ray of the breast. It is used to detect any abnormal tissue in the breast area which could be cancerous or benign. If a woman comes into the clinic complaining of chest pain around the breast or any abnormal lumps they found in the area, a mammogram would be the first procedure that would be performed. If the mammogram shows any abnormal tissue in the area, we would then move on to perform a biopsy to find out if the tissue is cancerous or not. This procedure can be done at any age but we highly recommend getting it done regularly once you reach the age of 40. Crossing 40 significantly increases your chance of getting breast cancer which is why it’s important to regularly be getting mammograms in order to catch it early.

Types of mammogram procedures

There are two types of mammograms that you may be able to get depending on what symptoms you present during your visit to our women’s clinic in Atlanta and Alpharetta GA. Our OBGYN will determine which mammogram will prove to be more useful in your case. The two procedures are as follows:

What happens during a mammogram?

When you come into the women’s clinic to get a mammogram, you will be asked to remove any jewelry you may be wearing so it doesn’t interfere with the imagining of the mammogram. You will then be asked to change into the clinic’s gown in case your clothing is of a material that could also interfere with the mammogram results. After this, depending on the case, you may be asked to either lay down or stand upright during the procedure. An X-ray plate will be fitted onto each breast and a compressor will flatten down its tissue. You may experience slight pain or discomfort but it will only last a few minutes.

Find the best-rated women’s clinic in Atlanta and Alpharetta GA

If you feel any abnormalities in your breast, or you just want to get a routine mammogram, contact your top Alpharetta and Atlanta OBGYN for your obstetrics and gynecology care.

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