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Women’s clinic specialists in Atlanta for endometrial biopsy

Women’s clinic specialists in Atlanta for endometrial biopsy

Women’s clinic for an endometrial biopsy

Women’s clinic specialists in Atlanta state that an endometrial biopsy is a gynecologic procedure that involves removing a small sample of tissue from the lining of the uterus. The tissue sample will be analyzed in a laboratory for abnormal cells or variation in hormone levels. An endometrial biopsy can help your doctor diagnose a variety of medical conditions or check for uterine infections.

Who is an ideal candidate for an endometrial biopsy? Your specialist may recommend an endometrial biopsy if you have any of the conditions below:

You may also need an endometrial biopsy to:

If the patient is suffering from a vaginal or cervical infection, pelvic inflammatory disease, or cervical cancer, an endometrial biopsy may not be appropriate.

What are the risks of an endometrial biopsy?

Top women’s clinics in town said that an endometrial biopsy is generally a safe procedure, although complications can occur. Complications associated with endometrial biopsy include:

Infection in the pelvic region

If the patient is pregnant, she should inform the doctor. If you are pregnant, you have a high risk of miscarriage during an endometrial biopsy.

What to expect during an endometrial biopsy?

Women’s clinic doctors say that an endometrial biopsy procedure is typically performed in-office and takes only 10 minutes or so to complete. This procedure is not performed under anesthesia, so the patient can go home after the procedure.

In preparation for the procedure, the patient will undress from the waist down, empty her bladder and lie down on an exam table with her feet in stirrups. The doctor will insert a speculum into her vagina to spread the walls apart and enable him or her to have a clear view of the cervix. The doctor will clean the cervix and numb it with a numbing spray. A uterine sound, a thin medical instrument, may be used to determine the length of the cervix and locate the best spot for the biopsy. The patient may experience mild cramping during this process. The doctor will then remove the medical instruments and send the tissue sample to a lab for evaluation.

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