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Women’s health and sexual disorders treated in Atlanta, GA

Women’s health and sexual disorders treated in Atlanta, GA

Women’s health in Atlanta and Alpharetta

Women’s health includes more than just physical health for Atlanta, GA women. It also includes sexual health. Though many people are familiar with men’s sexual health disorders such as erectile dysfunction, many people don’t think about women having similar problems as well. Below, we dive into some sexual health disorders that impact women’s health as well as disorders that can impact their quality of life.

HSDD, Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder

This women’s health issue occurs when women have no or little interest in sex, and it bothers them. Some women just do not have an interest in sex and never have. Others, however, may start to lose interest or their interest in it may change, indicating a problem. Women with HSDD not only have little or no thoughts about sex, but also don’t respond to their partner’s signals, may lose the desire for sex while having it, or just avoid having sex at all.

HSDD can be caused by many factors, including other women’s health issues such as stress, anxiety, depression, diabetes, and menopause, as well as other events such as sexual abuse. Your doctor can offer suggestions to help you and your partner adjust, and may even prescribe medications to help.

PMDD, Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder

A more severe form of PMS, this women’s health issues cause a variety of symptoms such as lasting irritability, severe mood swings, suicidal thoughts, binge eating, cramps, bloating, and more. There is no known cause of PMDD, but it has been suggested that serotonin may play a role.

To treat, PMDD, your women’s health provider may suggest lifestyle changes, such as adding in physical activity or changing your diet. They may also prescribe medications such as antidepressants to help stabilize your moods or birth control to help regulate your cycle and hormones. If you are struggling with severe physical symptoms like cramping, your doctor may also recommend you take over the counter pain medication as well.

POTS, Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome

These women’s health issues typically affect women between the ages of 15 and 50. It is characterized by feelings of lightheadedness, fainting, or rapid heartbeat when women stand up. Symptoms usually are relieved when women lay back down.

To treat POTS, health providers may add salt to your diet or prescribe medications.

Women’s health in Atlanta, GA

Atlanta, GA’s health is unique. Women, like men, can struggle with sex issues as well as disorders specific to women. If you have any concerns about your sexual health or experience any of the symptoms we’ve discussed, please don’t hesitate to contact us and schedule an appointment.

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