Women’s health tips for Atlanta and Alpharetta, GA women

Women’s health tips for Atlanta and Alpharetta, GA women

Staying healthy is important in living a long, happy life

Women’s health involves more than many Atlanta and Alpharetta, GA women may think. Though society as a whole is starting to place more value on health and wellness, there are some things women need to make sure they do to stay healthy. Below, we offer five tips to help keep women happy and healthy.

  1. Eat a well balanced diet. With a seemingly endless number of diets in the news and on the market, many women may not be sure what will work for them. Instead of trying the newest fad diets, work hard to simply eat well. Getting the appropriate amount of nutrients plays a big role in women’s health. If you aren’t sure how to eat well, ask your doctor. They can provide tips or even help you find a nutritionist.
  2. Exercise regularly. Finding an exercise program you enjoy not only helps keep your weight down, it also relieves stress and keeps your heart healthy, all of which are important when it comes to women’s health. Find a class you enjoy or go on a walk after dinner each night, try a video series online. Once you find something you like, make time for it each week.
  3. Check for breast cancer. Breast cancer is a big concern when it comes to women’s health. While your doctor will perform a breast exam at your annual appointment, you should still check yourself throughout the year. Ask your women’s health physician to show you how if you aren’t sure what to do.
  4. Manage stress. Let’s face it, women are often stressed. Balancing work, home, kids, and other commitments is difficult. But, being too stressed or constantly stressed can impact women’s health. Find ways to manage your stress such as taking time for yourself at least once a week, whether it be taking an hour in the tub or reading a chapter of a book each night.
  5. See your doctor. A major component to women’s health is seeing your doctor for your yearly appointment, and when you have a problem. Your annual visits play a key role in the early detection of issues and provide time to discuss concerns you have. However, it is also important that you make an appointment should something happen throughout the year as well.

Women’s health in Atlanta and Alpharetta, GA

Atlanta and Alpharetta, GA women know, one of the keys to women’s health is attending a well women exam every year. If it’s been a while since you’ve been in for your exam, or if you have a concern about your health, contact Georgia OBGYN. Our team offers expert care in a comfortable environment. Contact Georgia OBGYN today to schedule an appointment.

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