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Women’s OBGYN answers Atlanta and Alpharetta, GA mammogram questions

Women’s OBGYN answers Atlanta and Alpharetta, GA

Mammograms detect breast cancer early

Women’s OBGYN monitors many aspects of Atlanta and Alpharetta, GA women, including signs of breast cancer. In addition to performing a breast exam at your yearly well-woman visit, they will also ensure you receive a mammogram as appropriate based on your history and age. Keep reading to learn more about mammograms, including when your women’s OBGYN may start to recommend them.

Q. What is a mammogram?

A. A mammogram is, simply put, an x-ray picture of your breast. It allows your women’s OBGYN to take a better look at the tissue in your breast, which can help them spot abnormalities they may not feel during a regular breast exam.

Q. Why do I need a mammogram?

A. Your women’s OBGYN uses mammograms to help detect breast cancer early. Annual exams are critical for catching signs of illness and disease early, which helps them treat the ailment successfully. Mammograms are an important part of this as early detection of breast cancer is essential.

Q. When do I need to start getting mammograms?

A. Women between the ages of 45 and 54 should have a mammogram every year. If you are between the ages of 40 and 44, your women’s OBGYN may offer the choice to start these annual screening based on your family history and your health history. Once you reach the age of 55, as long as results have been normal thus far, you can switch to getting mammograms every two years rather than yearly if you and your women’s OBGYN decide that is best.

Q. How do mammograms work?

A. Knowing what to expect when you go into your mammogram appointment can make this test a little less scary. Your women’s OBGYN can walk you through it in more detail. But, here is what you can expect in a general sense.

You will need to remove your top and bra. A technician will then place each of your breasts on a plate, then your breasts will be pressed between two plates and an x-ray will be taken.

Q. Do mammograms hurt?

A. Everyone’s experience is different. Some women may find a mammogram painful, while others don’t. The majority of women experience some discomfort during the x-ray process, but this is normal. Ask your OBGYN for more details or tips to make it more tolerable if you are worried.

Women’s OBGYN in Atlanta and Alpharetta, GA

Atlanta and Alpharetta, GA women who haven’t had a mammogram and should, should contact a women’s OBGYN. As we commemorate Breast Cancer Awareness month, there has never been a better time to check on your breast’s health.

Contact your top Alpharetta and Atlanta OBGYN for your obstetrics and gynecology care.

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