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Women’s OBGYN can test Atlanta and Alpharetta, GA women for STDs

Women’s OBGYN can test Atlanta and Alpharetta, GA women for STDs

One out of every four young adults has an STD

Women’s OBGYN and STD testing focuses on keeping Atlanta and Alpharetta, GA women healthy. This includes keeping their reproductive system healthy, providing care during pregnancy, and even answering questions regarding sexual health.

Sexually transmitted diseases, or STDs, are diseases that are more common than many realize. In fact, one out of every four young adults has one. They require a doctor, such as a women’s OBGYN and STD testing, to provide tests to diagnose it and come up with a treatment plan. We answer common questions when it comes to dealing with STDs.

Q. How do you get an STD?

A. STDs are spread through sexual contact. This includes vaginal intercourse as well as oral sex. STDs are often spread through bodily fluids and sometimes through skin to skin contact.

Q. What are the symptoms of an STD?

A. The symptoms depend on the type of STD you have. Some have no symptoms and lay dormant for months, or years. Others may cause symptoms such as unexplained rashes and bumps or sores in your genital area. If you are sexually active, it’s a good idea for your women’s OBGYN to test you for STDs regularly.

Q. What should I do if I think I’ve been exposed?

A. If you’ve been exposed to an STD, you likely feel scared. The first thing you should do is contact your women’s OBGYN and schedule an appointment. They will discuss your concerns and order tests. You should know, however, that some STDs can lay dormant, giving off a false negative. For this reason, your women’s OBGYN may have you come back for additional testing in a few week or months.

Q. How are STDs cured?

A. If you have a bacterial STD such as gonorrhea and chlamydia, your women’s OBGYN will prescribe a course of antibiotics. Make sure you follow the treatment as they dictate. Other STDs such as HIV, do not have a cure. Your women’s OBGYN will discuss a management plan with you to help you manage symptoms.

Q. How can I prevent myself from getting an STD?

A. Practicing safe sex plays an important role in preventing the spread of STDs among sexually active people. Using condoms can help prevent STDs. Having fewer partners, or one partner at a time can help as well. Other tips include getting regular testing and never share needles.

Women’s OBGYN in Atlanta and Alpharetta, GA

Atlanta and Alpharetta, GA based practice Georgia OBGYN offers many services. If you have a question regarding your sexual health or are concerned you may have been exposed to an STD, give us a call. Our team at Georgia OBGYN will be able to help.

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