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Women’s OBGYN in Atlanta and Alpharetta, GA: avoid these foods when breastfeeding

Women’s OBGYN in Atlanta and Alpharetta, GA: avoid these foods when breastfeeding

A women’s OBGYN recommends you avoid these foods when breastfeeding

A women’s OBGYN in Atlanta and Marietta GA will recommend that you avoid foods such as hot dogs, deli meat, unpasteurized cheese, and all the other foods that are not friendly to your pregnancy to keep your baby healthy and safe. But now that baby has arrived, it’s normal to question if there are any foods that you should avoid while breastfeeding. After all, the molecules from the food that you are eating can make their way into your baby’s system through your breast milk. But there’s good news; there really isn’t a specific list of foods that you need to avoid while you’re breastfeeding.

While there may not be a precise list of foods to avoid while breastfeeding altogether, there are some things that you may want to cut back on when breastfeeding to help keep your breast milk production levels up to ensure that your baby is healthy and happy.

Foods to limit while breastfeeding

Mothers who are breastfeeding won’t need to stress very much about what not to eat when breastfeeding their baby, but it is vital to be aware of the foods that can affect the health of your baby and impact your breast milk supply when consumed in large quantities.

Fish high in mercury

Eating fish can be an excellent source of DHA and EPA; these are two forms of omega-3 fatty acids that are essential for a baby’s brain development but can be tricky to find in other foods. However, some seafood and fish can also have high levels of mercury, a metal that can be toxic, especially for kids and babies.


Alcohol can go through your breast milk and into your baby’s system. If you have had eve a little too much, you should wait until the alcohol has cleared your system before you breastfeed your baby. Your milk will be free of alcohol by the time your blood is free of alcohol as well. If possible, try to have that drink after you have breastfed your baby, then wait two to three hours before the next breastfeeding session so you can give your body some time to clear the alcohol. You can also use a breast pump prior to drinking to have some breast milk on hand.


Soda, coffee, chocolate, and tea are familiar sources of caffeine. When consumed, some of the caffeine can end up in your breast milk. This can be a problem because your baby can have a hard time breaking down and getting rid of the caffeine from their system. Over time, caffeine can build up in your baby’s system; this can cause trouble sleeping and irritability.

Top women’s OBGYN in Atlanta and Alpharetta, GA: allergy triggering foods

An Atlanta women’s OBGYN recommends that you avoid eating tree nuts and products that contain nuts if you have a family record of food allergies. But, if this isn’t the case for you, you can eat nuts while you are checking for any reactions from your baby. Another allergy that is commonly seen is cow milk allergies, and many mothers who are breastfeeding have reported a positive change in their baby once the milk is removed from their diets.

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