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Women’s obstetrics and gynecology both keep Alpharetta, GA women healthy

Women’s obstetrics and gynecology

It can take multiple physicians to keep women’s reproductive system healthy

Women’s obstetrics and gynecology are two medical specialties that focuses on the health of Alpharetta, GA women. These physicians each tackle different parts of women’s reproductive system and together, they keep women healthy. Here’s how.

Obstetrics handles a big life event

Women’s obstetrics and gynecology are two different types of physicians. Obstetricians have studied obstetrics, which provides care to women who are expecting. Once you become pregnant, your general physician or gynecologist will refer you to an obstetrician.

Women will visit an obstetrician regularly throughout their pregnancy, or pregnancies, to check with their health and the health of the baby. Then, when it is time to deliver, your obstetrician will be the one to deliver the baby. They also care for the mother after birth before sending her back to the gynecologist.

Gynecology handles daily and yearly women’s health concerns

The second part of women’s obstetrics and gynecology is gynecology. These physicians, called gynecologists, focus on the health of women’s reproductive system. This encompasses a wide variety of areas. However, they do not provide care for women who are expecting.

A gynecologist will perform women’s yearly wellness exams to check for signs of breast and cervical cancer. They can also provide birth control management services, STD and STI testing and the diagnosis and treatment of many diseases and issues such as endometriosis and ovarian cysts.

There is one type of physician that can do both

Most women have heard of OBGYNs and go to see this type of doctor for their healthcare. So, what is an OBGYN? They are doctors that specialize in women’s obstetrics and gynecology. They are able to provide general healthcare services to women and their continuous care throughout pregnancy.

Though these doctors are trained in women’s obstetrics and gynecology, they may still refer you to an obstetrician as needed. Often, women with high-risk pregnancies will go to an obstetrician who specializes in this type of pregnancies. This will give them assurance that they are in good hands.

Choose what works best for you

Many women are not sure if they should see a gynecologist or an OBGYN. There are no right answers. You should choose a provider you feel comfortable with and trust. If it is an OBGYN you will not need to find another later. If they are gynecologists, they can refer you to an obstetrician when you become pregnant.

Women’s obstetrics and gynecology in Alpharetta, GA

Alpharetta, GA women who are searching for a women’s obstetrics and gynecology physician should contact Georgia OBGYN. Our staff has been providing care to women in our area for over 30 years. Contact our office today with questions or to schedule an appointment.

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