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Women’s obstetrics and gynecology for all ages in Alpharetta, GA

Women’s obstetrics and gynecology for all ages in Alpharetta, GA

Women require specialized healthcare for different stages of life

Women’s obstetrics and gynecology for alll ages play an important part in keeping Alpharetta, GA area women healthy. These two medical specialties do different things. But, together, they provide care to women during every stage in life, from adolescents all the way through menopause and beyond. We’ll show you how, below.

Girls should start seeing a gynecologist during their teen years

Though gifts see a primary care physician from birth, once they reach their teen years, a different type of doctor will be needed to help with certain issues. It is recommended that girls start seeing a gynecologist, or a doctor who specializes in the health of women’s reproductive systems, as a teenager or when they become sexually active.

Though tests such as Pap Smears don’t typically start at this age, your teens visit to women’s obstetrics and gynecology clinics can help with other areas. Your gynecologist can provide information on safe sex and even help choose the right type of birth control for them. It’s also a safe place for teens to ask questions regarding their bodies or sex.

Visits continue throughout women’s lives

As women reach adulthood, visits to a women’s obstetrics and gynecology clinic will continue. Women should plan to visit their gynecologist every year for a wellness exam. During this exam, your doctor will perform a breast exam, Pap smear, and other tests to check for early signs of diseases. They can also perform STD testing, immunizations, and more.

When a woman decides to grow her family and becomes pregnant, they will start seeing a different doctor at the women’s obstetrics and gynecology clinic. An obstetrician will take over their care throughout the pregnancy as well as for a little while afterward. Once they clear you, they will recommend you return to your gynecologist’s care.

Your physician can also help you navigate menopause

Menopause can be a confusing and difficult time for many. Many women also assume that once they hit menopause, they no longer need to visit a women’s obstetrics and gynecology clinic. But, that’s not true. Visits should continue throughout this time and beyond.

Your doctor can help you navigate menopause and offer options to help you manage symptoms. They will also continue to provide screenings for diseases and answer any questions you have.

Women’s obstetrics and gynecology for all ages in Alpharetta, GA

Alpharetta, GA women rely on both women’s obstetrics and gynecology providers for their care, throughout all of life’s stages. The staff at Georgia OBGYN is equipped and trained to provide care from teen years into your older years, and beyond. Contact Georgia OBGYN today to learn more about our physicians or to schedule an appointment.

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