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Women’s specialist in Atlanta and Alpharetta GA: when to have a mammogram screening

Women’s specialist in Atlanta and Alpharetta GA

Women’s specialist: when and how often should you have a mammogram

Women’s specialist offers mammograms, which is an x-ray that is used to identify any signs of breast cancer. Different views of the breast are taken so that your doctor will have a more complete picture of the breast tissue during a mammogram.

Screening and diagnoses are the two ways that mammograms are used. To detect signs of breast cancer in a woman who is not showing any symptoms, a screening mammogram is performed as a preventative measure. Extra imaging of breast tissue to help the doctor see a more complete view of the breast takes place during a diagnostic mammogram.

It can be nerve-wracking leading up to a mammogram examination no matter whether you have received a mammogram before or if it’s your first time.

Mammograms can help spot breast cancer in its early stages and are typically painless.

Guidelines for mammograms

Ranging from your age to your family history of breast cancer or other types of cancer, there are many different variables that should be considered when it comes to having a mammogram.

Women with average risk aged 40 – 49

Women within this age group should begin having annual breast screenings as of 2015 and recommended by the American Cancer Society (ACS).

Women specifically between the ages of 45 – 49 should have a mammogram every year.

The most common recommendation is to have your first mammogram in your 40’s. However, you should consider your health and your family’s health history and speak to your doctor to decide when and how often you should go for a screening.

Women with average risk aged 50 – 74

Annual mammography screenings are recommended, women between the ages of 50 – 54 should have one annually. But those who are aged 55 and older are recommended to switch it to 2 screenings a year.

Women with average risk aged 75 and older

There are a few things for women in this age group to consider, such as:

Women’s specialist in Atlanta and Alpharetta GA

The women’s specialist in Atlanta and Alpharetta GA says your need for a mammogram will vary when compared to other women, this is depending on your health risk factors, age, and family history.

When you are looking into having a mammogram screening, it is essential to consider these factors.

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