Women’s specialist or primary care physician in Atlanta, GA

Women’s specialist provides Atlanta, GA women with a specific type of care. Like most people, women grow up going to a primar

Women often see more than just their primary doctor

Women’s specialist provides Atlanta, GA women with a specific type of care. Like most people, women grow up going to a primary care physician. But, as women age and mature, they often need to start seeing another type of physician to manage that part of their health.

Women’s specialists provide specific care

Women’s specialist focuses on women’s health issues, the health of their reproductive system, and diseases that specifically impact women. This an important type of care that general physicians can’t always provide.

There are three types of women’s specialist, obstetricians, gynecologists, and OBGYNs. An obstetrician provides care to women who are expecting or have recently had a baby. A gynecologist provides general care to women such as annual wellness exams, birth control counseling, hormonal changes, and more. An OBGYN is a combination of the two. These physicians can provide care to women throughout all stages of life.

Primary care physicians vs. women’s specialists

So, when should you see your primary care physician and when should go to a womens specialist? Women turn to their primary care physician with physical ailments such as illness or injury. You’ll often go to them when you don’t feel well or when you have an illness they help you manage like diabetes or asthma.

You would not go to a women’s specialist if you were feeling unwell. You would, however, go to them for many other things. You should make an appointment with a women’s specialist at least once a year for a well woman check. This is different than a physical from your primary doctor as it involves a breast and pelvic exam as well as Pap Smear. You can also go to a women’s specialist if you experience changes in your menstrual cycle, pain in your pelvis, or discover a lump in your breast. These physicians can also provide birth control management services, fertility treatments, STD and STI testing, and more. Just think, if it has to do with women’s organs, see a womens specialist.

Women’s specialist in Atlanta, GA

Atlanta, GA women have many options when it comes to choosing a womens specialist. WE hope you’ll consider meeting our team at Georgia OBGYN. Our physicians provide care to women in a comfortable atmosphere. We enjoy getting to know our patients so we can create a lasting relationship with them which helps makes visits to a women’s specialist a little less scary. Contact our office to learn more about our team or to schedule an appointment.

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