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Women’s specialists for vulvar biopsy: Top Atlanta OBGYN

Women’s specialists for vulvar biopsy: Top Atlanta OBGYN

Women’s specialists in Atlanta and Alpharetta GA say that a vulvar biopsy is a test to check for vulvar cancer or another skin disease. The vulva is the outer part of a woman’s genitals. During a biopsy, small pieces of tissue are taken from areas of skin that look abnormal. The tissue is then checked in a lab for cancer cells and other types of skin disease.

Why a vulvar biopsy is done by Women’s specialists

Women’s specialists say that a vulvar biopsy may be done if the patient has patches of skin on her vulva that look abnormal. This includes:

How a vulvar biopsy is done

The biopsy is a quick procedure. It’s often done in a healthcare provider’s office. The patient may be told to take over-the-counter pain medicine before the procedure. This can help prevent pain after the biopsy. During the procedure:

If the physician takes a larger piece of skin, the area will then be closed with stitches (sutures). The patient will be told how to care for the area after the biopsy to help it heal.

The tissue removed during the biopsy is then checked by a special doctor called a pathologist. The patient will then get the results in about a week. However, the healthcare provider will tell the patient if she needs any follow-up tests or not. This may include another biopsy.

Risks of a vulvar biopsy

Women’s specialists state that the risk of vulvar biopsy includes:

Top women’s specialists: Atlanta and Alpharetta OBGYNs

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