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Your Atlanta and Alpharetta, GA obstetrician: What you need to know

Your Atlanta and Alpharetta, GA obstetrician: What you need to know

An obstetrician provides specific care in Atlanta and Alpharetta

Obstetrician provide a specific type of care to Atlanta and Alpharetta, GA women. Though most women, and men, have heard the term, they often don’t really know what it means or what these physicians do. In fact, many use the term interchangeably with OBGYNs and gynecologists, but they are actually three different things. Learn the facts about this subset of women’s health, below.

  1. What is an obstetrician?
  2. An obstetrician is a doctor that provides care to women who are expecting or who have recently had a baby. They also care for women who have recently given birth to ensure they are recovering properly.
  1. What’s the difference between an obstetrician, OBGYN, and gynecologist?
  2. These three titles are often used interchangeably, however, they are three different things. We’ve covered what an obstetrician is, so let’s move on to the other two. A gynecologist is a doctor that specializes in women’s health. This includes the health of their reproductive organs. However, your gynecologist will not provide obstetric care. They will refer you to an obstetrician until your pregnancy is over.

An OBGYN combines obstetrics and gynecology. These doctors can provide general healthcare to women, in addition to caring for women throughout their pregnancies.

  1. How soon after finding out I’m pregnant should I make an appointment?
  2. Many women discover they are expecting through home pregnancy tests, and they want to make sure they get off on a healthy start. If you have a positive test, you should call your obstetrician right away. They typically will want to see you eight weeks after your last menstrual period.
  1. How often will I see my obstetrician?
  2. You will have regular appointments with your obstetrician throughout your pregnancy. For the majority of your pregnancy, typically up to 28 weeks, your doctor will have your come in for checkups once a month. After that they will increase your visits to once every two weeks through week 36, after which they’ll have you come in for weekly appointments.

If you are a high risk pregnancy or have other medical issues, your obstetrician may have you come in more frequently. You may also have to come in for tests between visits.

Obstetrician in Atlanta and Alpharetta, GA

Atlanta and Alpharetta, GA women who are expanding or starting their families are going through a very exciting life change. Having an obstetrician you trust and are comfortable with to help guide you through it can provide peace of mind. The team at Georgia Obstetrics and Gynecology has been delivering babies in our communities for over 30 years, we hope you’ll consider entrusting us with your care during this exciting time. Contact our office today to learn more about us, or to make an appointment.

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