Here are Testimonials and Reviews from some of our patients. 
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Dr. Leader is a great doctor and she is so kind. She delivered our little one and through a difficult delivery, she made it much easier and kept me calm through it all. I’m thankful to have found her!

~Heather Frodge

I have been going to Dr. BOURDEAUX for many years. Love his caring and comfortable way of explaining things to you and letting you know he has your best interests at heart.

~Karen Cochran

Dr. Renita White and staff are very professional.

~Nadine K.

I am a middle aged woman and have gone to Dr. Zimmermann for the past 3 years for my annual GYN checkup. I’m a RN and admit I have high expectations and have been very impressed with her extreme thoroughness and knowledge. She truly is in a different class and functions like a well experienced internist, in addition to her Gyn practice.

~Alison Bartz

I been to Dr. Harper for many years I wouldn’t trust any one else.  He is very good.

~Denise Morris

Dr. Blackburn (Pasteur) was super kind and made me feel so comfortable! The office staff were also so sweet.

~Madeline Jane.

Dr. Stephen M. Ayres is awesome.

~Tekoah Jones

Dr. Zimmermann has gone above and beyond for me, especially as a highly anxious patient. She never makes me feel rushed and is calm and always reassuring, She’s thorough and has often caught things missed by my internist. I highly recommend her to all women..

~Stacey L.

Great bedside manner and she just gets it.

~Kimberly Marsh

Dr. Harper is so thorough and kind. I have been a patient for 25 yrs. I highly recommend.


...Dr Leader is simple THE BEST. And as if her extensive knowledge, impeccable bedside manner, compassion and lovable personality aren’t enough, her nurses are top notch. If you want the best care team in Atlanta, don’t hesitate to call. Rasheeda and Rasitda are the most caring “on top of it” nurses EVER, period. Dr Leader is the best OBGYN EVER, period…exclamation mark!

~Janell English

Dr. Blackburn (Pasteur) is very knowledgeable, professional, and friendly. I would recommend!


Dr. Ayres was highly recommended to me from a colleague, when I moved her 10 years ago and had to have some procedures. He was great at explaining what would occur and calming my nerves. I would recommend him and his staff to anyone.


Dr. Bourdeaux and his staff were nothing short of amazing. I’m very grateful I finally found a doctor I trust.

~Kristi Lawton

Dr. James Harper has the best bedside manner and the most considerate doctor that I know. 


Dr. Zimmermann is always so friendly and professional. She’s helped me through some scary health situations and handles her patients with kindness. She takes time to explain things to you and never makes you feel rushed. She’s great!

~Kadi Coult

Dr. White is an awesome Dr.!!!!!!! She explained everything perfectly. She is pleasant and knowledgeable.

~Nancy R.

Dr Leader is so sweet and vibrant she’s contagious. A visit to her office is like spending time with a dear friend. She immediately puts you at ease.

~Linda Russell

Dr. Pasteur is great. She’s knowledgeable and helpful, while remaining very personable…The office staff was very nice though, and I would gladly make another appointment at this location in the future.

~Megan G.

Love Dr. Ayres and this team!


Dr. Bourdeaux is a very personable doctor! Clean office and nice staff.

~Kristi Lawton

Dr. White was very professional, kind, and communicated very well with me. She answered all my questions in way I could understand and provide me additional information about my questions. She was very thorough with examination and told me step by step step what she was doing during the examination. Very glad to have her as my MD I feel comfortable with her and definitely would recommend her to my friends and family. Thanks Dr. White.

~Gabrielle V.

Dr. Julie Zimmermann is great!! Delivered my little girl via c-section 7yrs. Ago. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

~Priscilla Hackney

Dr. Leader is truly the best of the best. Almost 7 years ago I was lucky enough to be referred to her for an ovarian cyst. She fit me in, got me on her schedule for surgery, and operated on me the same week. In that surgery she found and diagnosed Stage 4 endometriosis. She supported me after my ovarian cyst surgery when I was dealing with anxiety from the endo diagnosis and was subsequently, not sleeping well. She supported my decision to pursue endo excision with an expert and has been so great since then while my husband and I try to get pregnant.
Everybody in the office was very nice and made me feel comfortable. It was overall a good experience.


Dr. Bourdeaux is my favorite doctor! A true southern gentleman.

~Traci Lynn

Dr. White was great! She very personable and made the entire process comfortable for me. The nurses were great too.

~Caroline Y.

Dr. Zimmermann has always been a wonderful doctor with me. I have been going to her since I was a teen, (20 years). I’ve had to use other doctors during college, but I wouldn’t trust another obgyn now. She has delivered both of my children by c-section due to pre-eclampsia and she has been with me through other health issues. … I trust her vast knowledge completely and am grateful she is my doctor

~Kris T.

Every time I see Dr. Leader, she gives me hope. She is so kind. She listens. She has ideas for different situations, sometimes medication to try and sometimes alternative therapies. I trust her medical expertise. She referred me to my fertility doctor, who I also love. I truly hope that soon I’ll be an ob patient but even if I don’t, I’m happy to have her as my gyn.

~Meghan Fowler Rademacher

The appt didn’t feel rushed , all of my questions were answered. Dr Pasteur was kind and friendly. I would definitely recommend her.

~Siri N.

Dr. Ayres has a wonderful bed-side manor. He always makes me feel at ease. On time. Friendly. Compassionate.


I Love Dr. Bourdeaux ! He is so cool and most importantly, he makes me feel very comfortable.
His staff is warm and friendly. Pam and Teresa are awesome! I trust Dr. B and what he tells me because every time he has been right.

~Tre Brown

Dr. White was very professional and nice. She explained everything to me and answered all my questions. Her staff is also very nice.

~Amber S.

I have found Dr. Zimmermann to be an excellent doctor. She listens to my questions and answers carefully and is very thorough and sensitive to my needs. I would recommend her to anyone.


Dr. Leader is exceptional in her practice! She is NOT the fast in and out kind of doctor as most doctors are these days. She provides a thorough exam and then speaks with her patients one on one in her office prior to the patient leaving. She cares for the whole person and I cannot say enough about how wonderfully she provides patient care. 

❤ ~Gloria Richards Perry

Great staff and office. I will be returning to see Dr. Ayres.

~Jennifer G.

Dr. Leader is the best, so caring and compassionate. She has delivered my two sons and I wouldn’t want anyone else!

~Jaimi Carhart

Dr. Nicole Blackburn (Pasteur) is a great doctor. Will be back to her from now on.

~Aundrea M.

Excellent doctor. I have been treated by several other OB/Gyn’s in the Atlanta area, and Dr. Ayres is by far the best! I refer all my friends to his practice.


The care Teresa and Dr. Bordeaux give is remarkable. Very understanding, very courteous, very concerned about the patient.

~Macora Furlong

Very sweet and very informative.

~Shana C.

There are so many wonderful things to say about Dr. Leader. She has exceptional bedside manners. She is kind, attentive, very sweet and she actually listens to you. She explains everything thoroughly so you never leave her office with questions. She will definitely be my doctor until she retires. Thank you Doctor Leader for all that you do, your work does not go unnoticed.

~MarLi Danielle

Dr. Blackburn (Pasteur) was amazing and had a great bedside manner. She took her time and answered all my questions without making me feel rushed. She didn’t offer just cookie-cutter solutions she seemed to really think about my needs. I am making for my permit Dr. going forward.

~Sharon C

I love Doctor Leader.  She always make me feel comfortable. I would and have recommended her to my friends which a few sees her as of now. I have had doctor leader for a lot of years and if I was ever to move I would fly to Atlanta to see her for my checkups.

~Gitte Rosendal Iversen

I just LOVE Dr. Zimmermann. She always explains exactly what is going on and gives you all the options. She has actually called another doctor for me to set up appointments, ie colonoscopy, while I was sitting in her office. If you are looking for an excellent doctor, she’s the one!

~Wendy R.

My appointment was very positive from checking in, very short waiting time, and Teresa was very efficient and friendly. Dr. Bourdeaux is a real gentleman and has a great bedside manner. He addressed all of my concerns and answered all of my questions. He has the ability to be very friendly and professional at the same time.

~Pam Smith

Dr. Nicole Blackburn (Pasteur) actively listens to her patients’ concerns and issues. She has a calm, soothing demeanor and takes the time to explain various treatment options, as well as answer questions. She’s one of the very few doctors I’ve visited in recent years who makes me feel at ease and treats me as more than just a number. I give Dr. Pasteur the highest of recommendations.

~Laurin T.

I am so happy to have Dr. Ayres as my OBGYN. He is always on time and attention towards the patient. He helped me a lot, no other Doctor has been so professional and result oriented like him. I am very thankful that I met a real Doctor, who cares and does whatever he can to help the patient. One of the very few real doctors. I can’t say enough,just great Doctor. God bless him.


Dr Zimmermann is the best. I was with her through my first pregnancy and now for my second. She is very down to earth and has a good sense of humor. I have anxiety about going to doctors but she makes me feel totally comfortable and at ease. Very sweet and caring doctor.


Dr. Leader was absolutely amazing! I’ve been dealing with this practice since 2009! Once Dr. Allen retired, I had to go through the rounds again and get a feel for all the doctors all over again. I was so nervous lol. I had a cesarean on 11/27/15 and Dr.Leader was on call. The absolute best! She is so sweet, caring, detailed, and makes you feel very comfortable. I went into surgery crying because I’m terrified of surgeries. Once in the OR Dr.Leader did not begin until she stood by my side, talked over my concerns, and reassured me that everything will be okay. She was amazing! Like before… whoever delivers my child will also be my GYN. I couldn’t have asked for a better Dr. to deliver my son that day. Thank you!

~CeCe Johnson

The doctor was amazing. I felt very comfortable there, and she was extremely easy to talk to and was very patient while I voiced my concerns.


Dr. Ayres is a wonderful doctor, I highly recommend him.


Dr White was incredibly personal and professional. I am so happy I chose her as my OB.

~Nigeria S

Dr. Zimmermann is amazing. I wouldn’t trust my health or babies to anyone else.


Just delivered our first baby 1/5/15 via c-section and 3 weeks early due to some complications. Dr. Leader and her team have done an amazing job helping us navigate through what could have been a very stressful time. We really appreciate you all!

~ Shawn Spicer Hobbs

I went in for a annual check. I didn’t have to wait as they called me in immediately. Dr. Pasteur is good at what she does. She took time to listen and clarify every question I had.


Dr. Stephen Ayres provides excellent care!



~Morgan Lamb

Love Dr. Julie Zimmermann, she saved my life.


Dr. White and her team are very welcoming. This being my first pregnant, I felt super comfortable.

~Amanda K.

Dr. Leader is amazing!! I had a rough pregnancy to say the least, but she delivered my sweet Ben last October by C-Section, we knew at the time he had tumors in his heart and he ended up getting diagnosed with Tuberous Sclerosis Complex 2 and I can’t imagine going through all that with a different doctor and we are so thankful the C-Section went smoothly given all the other risks we faced.

~Becky Ruppe

Dr. Blackburn (Pasteur) was great! She was attentive and gentle. Staff was nice, too.

~Caroline S.

Dr. Bourdeaux is the most caring and genuine physician that I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. He is thorough, knowledgeable and efficient. Also has a story or two that is sure to make your day.
Dr. White was very friendly and answered any questions that I had.

~Destini K.

The staff at this office is exceptional as well. Highly recommended!

~Melody Trivisone

Dr. Leader is the best doctor I’ve ever had. She does have a gift, and I am lucky to have found her.

~Donna Davis

Dr. Pasteur was down to earth and calm, yet professional. It gives me a lot of anxiety to visit this type of doctor but she put me at ease and was very reassuring.

~Kelly C.

I have been a patient of Dr. Ayers for 5 years now and I trust his judgement and knowledge completely when it comes to my health. He sets me at ease and is very approachable when it comes to any questions that I might have. You couldn’t ask for a better OBGYN!


As always, Dr. Bourdeaux was gracious, thorough, decisive, attentive and made me feel as comfortable as possible. He has been my doctor for many years, has seen me through several procedures, and I am very thankful to have found him. He and his assistant are just the greatest!

~Sally Aasen

Dr. Zimmermann has great knowledge of ob/gyn.


Dr. Leader is amazing! She truly cares about her patients.

~Christy Bass Byers

Dr. Nicole Blackburn (Pasteur) and staff are very courteous. Dr. Nicole hears very patiently and is friendly and knowledgeable. Thanks.

~ Rita M.

Dr. Ayres has been my physician for over 10 years and I wouldn’t trust anyone else. The practice is fantastic and gives you access to a midwife for deliveries.


Love Dr. Bourdeaux!

~Asaya Guscott

Dr. White is very informative answered all questions very caring.


Dr. Zimmermann is great! She is very down to earth and relatable. She cares about her patients very much but doesn’t “sugar coat” things. If you want someone who will always be honest and true, she is the best doctor around. I would choose her in a heartbeat over any other OB/GYN I’ve ever had.


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