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Having access to a medical facility is important when looking for an OBGYN

OBGYN near Atlanta Northside Hospital

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OBGYN near Atlanta Northside Hospital is an important thing Atlanta and Alpharetta, GA women look for when searching for a women’s health professional. The OBGYNs are Georgia Obstetrics and Gynecology provide a variety of services such as in office exams, in office procedures, and surgical procedures. To perform these surgeries and keep patients healthy, having access to a surgical suite is important.

Georgia OBGYN is not only an OBGYN near  Atlanta Northside Hospital, we have access to other hospitals surgical areas as well. Our staff can operate at The Atlanta Outpatient Surgery Center or North Crescent Surgery Center, and Northside Forsyth Hospital.

OBGYNs perform many surgical procedures to keep women healthy

At Georgia OBGYN, our professional staff perform many surgical procedures for our patients. Your physician will use a nearby hospital to deliver your baby, or babies. Whether you are having a vaginal birth or a caesarian section, commonly referred to as a C-section, your OBGYN will use the facilities at one of our partnered hospitals. There, they not only will deliver the baby, but continue to care for you as you recover.

Our staff of OBGYN near Northside Hospital provide other surgical procedures as well. Hysterectomies are performed for many reasons, such as in the case of cancer or other medical issues. Our staff performs these sensitive surgeries with care and compassion.

If you’re finished expanding your family, you may visit an OBGYN near Northside Hospital for a tubal litigation. This procedure helps prevent additional pregnancies and gives women peace of mind they won’t have an unexpected pregnancy.

Surgical procedures by your OBGYN near Northside Hospital can also relieve pain and prevent further health issues. D&Cs help relieve heavy bleeding during your menstral cycle while ovarian cyst removal procedures can offer pain relief.

OBGYNs provide other services as well

Not all services your OBGYN provides, however, will require the use of a hospital surgical room. Some procedures can be performed in office. IUD insertion, most biopsies, and mammograms are all services that can be provided in your OBGYN’s office.

OBGYNs near Northside Hospital

Atlanta and Alpharetta, GA women who are looking for an OBGYN near Northside Hospital should contact the staff at Georgia Obstetrics and Gynecology. Our staff uses Northside Hospital, as well as a few other local facilities, to perform our surgical procedures. We work to provide patients compassionate, quality care throughout every stage of life. Contact our office to learn more about our physicians and services, or, to schedule an appointment.


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