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Testimonials- Dr. Julie Zimmermann

Here are Testimonials and Reviews from some of our patients for Dr. Julie Zimmermann.
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Dr. Zimmermann was on duty the night my son was born while I and my wife were stationed onboard Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point. without going into detail, my wife had an emergency cesarean and Dr. Zimmermann was running the show. To say she saved his life is exactly correct. I thank God she was there and I have never nor will ever forget her or that night…..To say thank you is no where near enough but THANK YOU..

~Clyde Shaeffer

I am a middle aged woman and have gone to Dr. Zimmermann for the past 3 years for my annual GYN checkup. I’m a RN and admit I have high expectations and have been very impressed with her extreme thoroughness and knowledge. She truly is in a different class and functions like a well experienced internist, in addition to her Gyn practice.

~Alison Bartz

Dr. Zimmermann has gone above and beyond for me, especially as a highly anxious patient. She never makes me feel rushed and is calm and always reassuring, She’s thorough and has often caught things missed by my internist. I highly recommend her to all women..

~Stacey L.

Dr. Zimmermann is always so friendly and professional. She’s helped me through some scary health situations and handles her patients with kindness. She takes time to explain things to you and never makes you feel rushed. She’s great!

~Kadi Coult

Dr. Julie Zimmermann is great!! Delivered my little girl via c-section 7yrs. Ago. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

~Priscilla Hackney

Dr. Zimmermann has always been a wonderful doctor with me. I have been going to her since I was a teen, (20 years). I’ve had to use other doctors during college, but I wouldn’t trust another obgyn now. She has delivered both of my children by c-section due to pre-eclampsia and she has been with me through other health issues. … I trust her vast knowledge completely and am grateful she is my doctor

~Kris T.

I have found Dr. Zimmermann to be an excellent doctor. She listens to my questions and answers carefully and is very thorough and sensitive to my needs. I would recommend her to anyone.


I just LOVE Dr. Zimmermann. She always explains exactly what is going on and gives you all the options. She has actually called another doctor for me to set up appointments, ie colonoscopy, while I was sitting in her office. If you are looking for an excellent doctor, she’s the one!

~Wendy R.

Dr Zimmermann is the best. I was with her through my first pregnancy and now for my second. She is very down to earth and has a good sense of humor. I have anxiety about going to doctors but she makes me feel totally comfortable and at ease. Very sweet and caring doctor.


Dr. Zimmermann is amazing. I wouldn’t trust my health or babies to anyone else.


Love Dr. Julie Zimmermann, she saved my life.


Dr. Zimmermann has great knowledge of ob/gyn.


Dr. Zimmermann is great! She is very down to earth and relatable. She cares about her patients very much but doesn’t “sugar coat” things. If you want someone who will always be honest and true, she is the best doctor around. I would choose her in a heartbeat over any other OB/GYN I’ve ever had.